Big fat Zero

lg_zeroSunday:  I got a big fat zero.  That is what Dungan calls it.  I was hungover, and pretty useless and did absolutely nothing. (it was my long run day.)  I should get bonus points though for attending the Springfield Tri Club social.

Monday:  I had to make up for it.  I headed to the pool at lunch and did 2000 yards.  500, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500.  After work, Jason wanted to go ride, but I couldn’t make it right away.  I headed out for a long run 10 miles or so at dusk.

Tuesday: Eric calls at 10 til noon saying they are still running at the track, if I had any doubts.  I didn’t go.  Shouldn’t all you marathoners be tapering?  20+ mile per hour winds.  I headed out west on the tt bike and flipped at the t-bone.  24 miles.

Wednesday: Same swim workout as monday.  Pretty creative huh?

Thursday: Lunch time run on the treadmill.  It poured out all day.  I decided to do a mile warm up then do 3 mile repeats.  The first I ran at a 7:00 pace, 400 recovery. Second at a 6:30 pace, 400 recovery. Third and final at a 6:00 pace.  This was much tougher than running at the track.  I felt pretty weezey afterward.  Then did a 800 cool down, and felt much better.

Friday?  Lunch time swim!  I need to figure out  what I am going to do.

Saturday?  Ride

Sunday? Masters swim, check up on the Chicago Marathon…  Good Luck Marathoners!