Better to suffer at the front

gutterballToday started out at the track, “Lunch with Eric.” The track temperature felt like 85+degrees.  You could really fell the heat reflecting of the rubber.  Eric devised a plan to do a set that consist of 3×400 with and 2×200 with 200 recoveries.  We did this twice, all at mile pace.  I did a 6:00 pace, but I seemed to be about 3-8 seconds quicker for each rep, which would put me in the 5:45 range.  Once again this week I did not push myself to suffer during these sets.  I am still doing an active recovery, hoping not in re-injure my foot.

The day didn’t end there.  I met up with Jason after work and we did a quick 10 mile loop before heading to BikeTek.  My legs were feeling the track workout.  I wasn’t sure how far I would go with the group, before getting dropped.

It was just seconds after we hit Old Salem Lane, and I found myself in my drops.  We had a south wind and we were in gutter ball formation.  Thank God for sprint night!  We regrouped after the first sprint, and started all over.

I was riding towards the back, and started getting gapped.  I had to make several jumps to avoid getting dropped.  This is the exact reason, you must stay within the first 5 or 6 guys of the rotation.  It is probably better to suffer at the front then to ride single file in the gutter.

I made it through sprint #2 and headed to the key hole.  I was really worried and planned my escape route to cut the course if I got dropped.  But there was no need.  I hung with pack and made it through sprint #3.

#4 and #5 we gained some more riders.  I felt pretty good. I seem to be in decent cycling form already.  Not great, not good, but not getting dropped, decent.

I think not doing a marathon this year had left me in pretty good shape.