Beef, Chicken or Pork

meat_thermIt’s getting hot out here so take off all your clothes…  Except for your shorts.  Today’s track workout was insanely hot.  Eric brought a thermometer just to see what the temp on the track was.  It register at over 130 degrees.  I think next week we need to bring a meat thermometer.  That way we can see if we are cooked to the safe temperature of beef, chicken or pork.

Eric set up the workout to physically distroy us.  2 sets consisting of a 600, 500, 400, 300, 200, and a 100.  With a 200 recovery between reps.

I started the first set out easy, because I didn’t get much of a warm up.  I slowly moved into a good pace after the 600.  Each one was equally as bad.  The main trouble I saw with this set was, we didn’t end up at the starting point every rep, which meant we didn’t get to stop for a drink.

By then end of the first set I was toast.  The second set started and I saw myself jogging in on the first 600.  I then sat out for the 500.  Then a small group of us did a 400 and called it quits.

A bad workout today.  I think I was chicken.