Beautiful Catastrophe

Today I had one too many. Jason @HardyBreed3, and newcomer Josh @Neffo headed out for a scheduled long run. The plan was 10 miles. I was tired of going out west and tired of running to the park. I wanted to do the “around the town” loop.

Jason and I have done this loop many times with a few variations. But we have not run it since early spring. I remember it being around 10-12 miles.

We met up at the corner of Washington and Archer and headed east.

Like most long runs you get all the conversation out at the beginning and the conversation eventually slows to a tweet. We made it up to Fairhills Mall and just missed an accident only seconds behind us. Two cars collided at the entrance. We continued up Macarthur Blvd. and headed south into a headwind.

We already had 5 miles logged, and started to question my route. But at 5 miles everyone felt pretty good and we continued on.

We finally made it to the Wabash Trail crossing paths with Team Mack, which was out for a short 58 mile ride. This was the 2 of the longest miles of the entire run. You can see Old Navy all the way from the Sonics. You keep running but Old Navy doesn’t seem to be getting any closer.

Jason kept telling me only 1.5 to go, jokingly, because we had only planned on 10.

We hit Koke Mill and it felt like the home stretch, but in reality we had a good 4 miles to go.

Josh crossed over Old Jack and put the hammer down. I ask Jason several times to close the gap down, but he had no response. And I didn’t want to leave Jason off the back because he might get lost.

We eventually caught him once he stopped at Washington. Josh was too strong for not being a runner!

We said our goodbyes and made plans for the next beautiful catastrophe.

My garmin registered 14.75 in around 2:30. We didn’t set any pace records, that’s for sure. It was a fun, long run and I look forward to starting my Illinois Marathon training soon.