Back to Back

After some time off my knee felt pretty good.  So I thought I would make up for my poor attempt at key workout #1.  I headed out late afternoon with a surpising bounce in my stride.  But after a mile or so, some hint of knee pain set in.  I ran through it, and it seem to have disappeared?  I kept a solid pace of 7:30 for my first 4 mile tempo.  It was a tail wind to the park so I knew I would be fighting the wind on the way back.  I wasn’t sure if I could keep the same pace on the way back, but somehow the rested legs took me home.  I looked at my totals and my average pace was around 7:45, and that include a short walk break at the park.  So I was rather impressed with my effort, but was worried about my knee.  Jason and I are suppose to put in 18 miles tomorrow, and back to back key workouts was not going to be easy.