God Likes to Train

Taking it easy after Saturday’s race, I was able to get out for a 5 mile run on Sunday a easy 8:30ish pace.  Monday was a off day although I lifted weights and did core exercises.  Tuesday started with a day of weather.  Storms pummeled the midwest.  But by mid-afternoon the sky was blue and clear.  The training race was going to be hot and humid.  A good crowd turned out for sprint night.  Even our own transition expert Eric Sommer showed up to stretch out his legs.  

My plan was to stay at the front of the pack and leave the sprinting to others.  People started attacking early to get a gap, but nothing was allowed.  Andy Lister was on fire and was not planning on letting up. The pack stayed together for the first two sprints, and people started falling off on the key-hole section.  We had a long wait to regroup before heading back in, but it gave me some much need recovery time.

The second to the last sprint was wickedly fast.  I was on Andy and Chad’s wheel and I did not see anyone behind.  Then a flash of yellow…  Gary came out of nowhere.  I think he ended up getting that one by a wheel.

The final stretch was… well,  fast…

A great training night.  On the way in we could see lightning in distance.  The storms were brewing again and we made it in just in time.  I got back to the garage and thought about a short run, but my wife just knix that.  15 minutes later it started to rain.  1 hour later we were under a tornado, sever thunder storm and flash flood watch.

God held off on the weather long enough to let us ride.  He must be a cyclist…