Feeling Guilty?

A beautiful day, with a high around 50, and I go for the control environment of the treadmill. With the wife out of town, I had someone watch the kids for a few hours so I could get a workout in. Jason was not available to train today seeing he is doing some heavy binge drinking. I hope I install some guilt with the post.

My workout started with 30 minutes on the trainer. I had purchased a new wireless computer with wireless cadence and wanted to see how it faired up. I put in a spinerval dvd and and tried to keep my cadence with Coach Troy.

I figured out that there must be a huge difference in resistance for different trainers. I have a Cyclops Fluid trainer that I bought 6 years ago. A great trainer and very tough. When I factored in, cadence, speed and gear, I could not even come close to how they were riding in the video.

I guess that is were perceived effort comes in. Coach Troy would say “Ok, move to the big ring and around your 15 in back. I want a cadence of around 85 rpms.” I moved to a gear were I could push 85 rpms. I was in my 18 or 19, but ended up moving to the small ring and a 15. I looked down at my leg speed and back up a the video. I did not see anyone with the same cadence…

What did I learn? Perceived effort!

After my 30 minutes of arguing with Coach Troy, I hopped of my bike and hit the treadmill. I put my knee strap on, once again praying for no pain. I ran 5 miles at 8:30 pace with no hint of pain.


The only problem with this great workout is the long run of 15 tomorrow.