Are You a Gambling Man?

HardyBreed is headed to the State Fair for the Horse Races today.  Post time – 3:00.  This is Jason and I’s annual gamble.  The funny thing is… this also coincides with the SRRC Social at the beer tent.  The social did how ever mysteriously disappear from the SRRC Website.  So we will be there anyway, and probably in rare form. So there are 12 races, and this really is a learning experience every year. With the Trifecta’s, The Daily Doubles, Win, Place or Show… who can keep it all straight. Lets just hope I walk away with more than and empty beer bottle…

To help with the guilt I am about to embark upon, I hit the weights this moring and then a 5 mile run along side my daughter Chloe.

Although I sure the guilt will be back tomorrow, as the Mini Donuts and beer (Miller Chill) filter through my system.

Heres todays schedule…

Thursday, Aug. 14, 2008 – Post Time: 3:00 P.M.
Illinois State Fair Colt Stakes Championships (ICF)
1 PACE – Two-Year-Old Colt
2 PACE – Two-Year-Old Filly
3 TROT – Two-Year-Old Colt
4 TROT – Two-Year-Old Filly
5 PACE – Three-Year-Old Filly
6 TROT – Three-Year-Old Filly
7 PACE – Three-Year-Old Colt
8 TROT – Three-Year-Old Colt
9 PACE – Two-Year-Old Colt
10 TROT – Two-Year-Old Colt
11 PACE – Three-Year-Old Filly
12 TROT – Three-Year-Old Filly
(Overnites may be scheduled.)