Another weekend of base training

We had some great weather this weekend. Saturday I headed out for a long run with Jason and Eric. We planned on doing the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon course. None of us are actually doing that half, but we thought it would be a good training workout. It has some good hills and plenty of stop lights to give your weary body a rest.

We completed the course with a little extra I put a little heat on in the return loop in the park only to light matches I couldn’t put out.  (I will never learn!)  Jason, who must be doing so secret marathon training, dropped my ass on the final climb out of the park.  You can see my heart rate was out of control at 191bpm.  I did recover though and bridge back up for the finish.  Only to learn that Jason was going to run home another 4 miles.  Ouch!  I was spent, and was glad to get back in my Jeep.

Swim SetSunday, I went to master swim.  We had another busy session.  I placed myself in lane two with Peter Wise, Jim Cinotto, and Paul McDevitt.  We opted for Option 2.  The sets went pretty good.  Although I am not sure if we were meeting out times.  My take on these timed intervals is to swim hard and use the extra seconds for recovery.  Today I think we just swam easy with no recovery.  I am still new at this, so I wasn’t sure.

This was my 3rd masters swim of the week so those earlier sessions definitely helped with Sundays workout.

Later in the afternoon.  I met up with the IMWI Gang (+ Lawyer) to put in a few miles on the road bikes.  We headed northwest through Salisbury and Athens taking in a total of 35 miles. I was in full dress, but it was sunny and 40 degrees out.  It was a great wrap up to the weekend.