Another First

Joining the Fit Club was my first obstacle.  Finding time to go the the Fit Club is another story.  To clear up the air… why did I join the Fit Club?  To swim.  Why not go to Eisenhower or the YMCA?  I work out west and it is a 20 minute drive to the Y midday and who knows how long to get to Eisenhower.  The Fit Club South and West are both just minutes away!  Sure the pools may not be the best or the longest, but they have water in them and that is all that matters.

Fit Club West 20 yard lap pool

Fit Club West 20 yard lap pool

Today I went to West for my first swim of the year.  I guess the pump is broken at South, I called to double check unlike my sister Kim. 

The workout was nothing more than to get wet and try not to drink too much water.  I did 22 lap or a half mile (each length is 20 yards).  I could have swam more, but I did not want to over do it on my first day.  I guess I was afraid of how I would feel tomorrow…  I am still feeling the burn from Chads Navy Seal workout on Tuesday!

Friday I will get an MRI at Koke Mill Med Center, to find out what the hell is wrong with my foot.  It is still in pretty bad shape.  But like Kim said, more time to swim (my weakest link).