And now for something completely different…

HardyBreed has been going strong for over 3 years now and after building and building, until we climaxed with Ironman Wisconsin last year.  It was not only physically challenging but mentally draining. And this why the website has been in limbo for the past few months.  Instead of posting our daily training logs, I have finally gotten all the Rabbits to move over to to track time and mileage for swimming, cycling and running.  We will try to continue writing once a week on our training or racing.  Including pieces submitted by our audience and event and race promotions.  We may even include some great product reviews of some of our favorite equipment.  So stay tuned for what could be the best year ever!

And now for some training talk…

This winter I have been mainly focusing on running.  I think this is going to be pretty important come early triathlon season.  My main goal this year is to qualify for the 70.3 Championship, and without a solid kick ass run there will be no chance.  A couple of months ago Eric put together a half marathon training plan based on the Daniel’s Running Formula and your VDOT.  It is a 22 week plan with 4 phases.  There is a lot of fitness theory behind Daniel’s Formula, and you can see that in his training principles.

Eric’s plan is demanding yet forgiving.  Once you figure out your VDOT, you do 2 quality workouts per week, with the rest of your weekly milage at you VDOT easy pace.  So no more running by feel.  Easy is exactly that.  For me my VDOT was calculated from my most recent race, the Frostbite.  With a time of 1:09:11 my VDOT calculates out to 49, leaving me an easy pace of an 8:36 mile, a marathon pace of 7:20, a tempo pace of 6:55 and an interval pace of 6:22.

Of course you VDOT will change over time depending on fitness.  So as you progress through the phases of the plan you may need to re-access your VDOT.

The goal of this plan is to run the Lincoln Memorial Half and peaking for the Illinois Half.   This really is an experiment in progress that I can hopefully reap the benefits of!