2008-10-13 14:57:29 -0500Just like all those who go to Kona weeks before the world championship, I to must acclimate. Sure… Gulf Shore isn’t exactly the same thing, but the key concept is there.

80 degrees, sunny and a good wind out of the East. Almost identical conditions to last year’s Hot to Trot.

I headed out for a long run today. Trying to keep my endurance for the Northface Challenge. I also got a text earlier in the day from Jason saying he ran home from the Zoo. Fifteen miles. An impressive run, I was jealous.

My run would not be as fun for I had one road to run on. It would be an out and back. Black asfault as far as the eye could see.

The ocean and condos was all thee was too look at. I spared my mind with some new podcast. “Get Your Geek On” is a cool show with the the Kahuna and Iron Wil. He is out of OC and she is in Chicago. This professional podcast covers triathlon all the multisport aspects of life. I would highly suggest subscribing to the on iTunes.

I went out with the wind, knowing I would have no choice but to suffer the head wind on the way back in. I didn’t bring anything to drink either. It was amazing how parched I got in that short of time.

And now for the vacation part…