A Pitiful Turnout

Lola I was very excited about taking Lola out for her first real ride. It rained earlier in the afternoon, but cleared up, and was actually sunny by 6:00. Just in time for the training race. I was flying solo tonight, Jason couldn’t find a babysitter. I did my usuall warm up look and headed to Biketek. To my surprise, there were about 4 or 5 riders. I guess there is a big race down in St. Louis this weekend and people wanted to take it easy.

The ride was not going to be fun. Sure it was sunny, but we had a 20-30 wind out of the South. When you have a small small group of riders, even on a training race night, you should try to keep everyone together. It is no fun if you start with 6 and end up with 3, five mile into it. But that is what happened. I stuck with the small group out to the t-bone and decided to flip. I ran into the Big “D” (Gary Doering) on the way back in, he said he flatted. He went ahead flipped and headed back in with me.

It was a great first ride for Lola.  She took in just over 30 miles.

I hope next week holds a bigger crowd and less wind.

– Dan