A Partner to Push

After spending the morning at the Heroes Run for Hope taking photos.  I was motivated to get out and do some sport specific training.

Jason and I decided on a brick, starting from my house.  We did a short warm up out to Farmingdale road on our bikes.  The plan was to head south for 3 miles then head all the way back to my house for a total of 10. For some odd reason I was thinking the road south was flat, boy was I wrong.

We started out on fire, like any other workout.  For some reason I always go out too fast…  Jason stayed planted a few bike lengths behind.  I could not tell where the wind was coming from.  We may have had a slight tail wind out, but I can’t confirm that, because the ride still sucked.

Three miles out, I decided to go a little further for good measure.  We went another good mile and turned around.  The ride back was going to be much worse.  Jason gave a pull, and asked if we kept going when we passed are original starting point.  I said “all the way back to my house…”  I think his heart sank. 

We had a good pace on the way out and most of the way in.  The last mile in seemed a bit slow, but we had to get ready for the run.

We pulled into the garage, and simulated T1.  I stood outside the garage door waiting to close it, as I counted off the wasted seconds to Jason’s T1.  He took roughly 30 more seconds than needed.

We started off on the run.  Once again we had set a goal of 5 miles, to help simulate the “Hot to Trot.”  The first mile is always the slowest.  Just trying to get your legs to turn over is tough.  Our first mile was somewhere around 8-8:30.  After that the Black Powder kicked in.  our pace when down around the 7 minute mark, up and down the hills of West Washington.

A brief stop at the Veterans Parkway stoplight and we were off, I think we pulled it under 7s, until the next stoplight.  Heading through the Woodlake subdivision, Jason was falling off pace.  I slowed a few times to get him back on.  By the time we hit Koke Mill, Jason pulled through.  This was mile 3 and he was on fire.

I struggled to stay on his heals.  He pushed me at the right moment.  I recovered and brought us in the last mile.  Jason stayed with me most of the way until we hit my subdivision, then I had a slight gap.  We both finished up within seconds of each other.

I cannot recall ever pushing my self that hard in a brick workout.   Having a partner to push was the best thing you could have for this type of workout.  This was truly a simulated race.  I was exhausted.

Hours later, still tired, and glad I was not heading out for dinner.  The couch was all I could do.