A Little Jog in the Park

Today was key workout #2 for week 9. a 16 mile run at 10% slower the MP. Jason and I headed to east to Washington park, did around 3.5 laps and headed back home. Totaling just over 16.5. I went into the run with the mindset that 16 mile was nothing. After about 5 miles, Thursdays blizzard tempo run set in. This was not going to be an easy day. With temps in the 50s the park was the place to head. I wouldn’t say there was an over abundance of people, but there was more than usual because of the spring like weather. Taking the park atmosphere in, made the three point five, two mile laps go by quick.

I started feeling alright. Jason and I kept a good conversation most of the time. We even ran into some of our cycling counterparts. Jason yelled, “how many miles!” and a quick 96 was returned. 96 miles on March 1, that really puts my 2 hours a week on the trainer to shame. Oh well, we have got a marathon to focus on!

The last four miles was almost pure silence. My only thoughts were on finishing.

I changed my water bottle mix today. I just used some watered down gatorade, instead of accelerade. I also brought a bag of clif blocks and some gu espresso love. I followed the run with a bottle of accelerade and a scoop of cellmass.

I will not make my total milage of 40 this week, unless I feel really great tomorrow.