A Few Good Men

After a disappointing day at the track, I showed up to find the high school foot ball team practicing. The was no room for mile repeats. I headed home and was able to sit and eat a quick lunch.

With no lunch workout, I figured I might actually have some energy left for the Tuesday Night Training Race.

As always, perfect conditions means a low turnout. I have not been able to figure that one out. People turn out in droves in blizzard like condition, but the minute the weather turn favorable…

A low turnout but a few good men showed up. I would call it the “A” crowd. So I knew it would be tough.

The first few sprints I just sat in line and took my pulls, but played it safe in the sprint. I didn’t want to light any matches I didn’t have to burn. The keyhole is always a tough area and I wanted to make it through.

On the road back to town everyone stayed together but road consistently hard. On the second to last hill I wound up at the front of the peloton. I was on Robo’s wheel and decided not to attack while at the front. While the thoughts were running through my head, Andy leads an attack from the back, with some tough riders on his wheel.

A gap was opened, and I looked to be in trouble. I accelerated and by the middle of the next hill I found myself passing the lead group. We made it too the top and for some odd reason I found myself countering Andy’s little stunt.

Bad move on my part. I was able to hang on until a couple hundred meters before the finish. I was toast.

I think we ended with everyone that started, a few good men…

Can you handle the truth?