A brick and a sake bomb

I woke up to some chilly temps.  I was suppose to meet Jason at 7am.  It took me a little longer than normal to get ready.  Way too many clothes.  Booties, legwarmers, armwarmers, gloves, wind mittens, I cant even tell you how many jerseys I had on.  By the time I opened the garage, Jason was there waiting for me.

We headed out on the TT bikes, down the training race course and took a left on the Plains blacktop.  This is the smoothest  road out there.  We had a slight cross wind on the way out.   Jason was not feeling up to par and was struggling to stay on my wheel.  I wouldn’t say I was going hard but at a constant effort.

We made it out to New Berlin and Jason and I lost contact.  I told him I was going to flip when I hit the end of the Waverly blacktop.  I made it to the T and flipped waiting and waiting to catch Jason,  I came back into New Berlin and still had not caught Jason.  I figured he just headed home, but to my surprise, I found him at the stop sign huddling up next to building.

We road back in together for the most part.   56 miles, I couldn’t have planned that to be any closer to the 70.3 bike distance.

After dropping Jason off, and putting him to rest… I put the running shoes on and headed out for a run.  My legs felt good and I made it all the way to Chatham road and back for a 10k.

Running off the bike is one of the most important things I have been doing a lot more of this season.  And lately I have not been pushing myself as hard (speed wise) on the bike.  Everything I have been doing is race prep, and the brick will do nothing but make you stronger.

Enough of the training stuff, we headed to St. Louis for the weekend.

Saint Louis