15 turns in to 17.5

I met Jason for our long run of 15. It was the perfect January day.  50 degrees and a slight westerly wind.  Jason was running late (no pun intended). So I ended up running toward his house.  I think I ended up with 2 miles in before we met up.  I didn’t feel that hot to start, I think I will blame the beers from the previous night…  The miles went by slowly, and that is the worst thing that can happen on a long run.  We stayed around the 8:50 pace described by our training plan.  We did walk at least 4 times during the run.  I hope that is normal.  We ended up going through my neighborhood to finish the run (for me at least).  I was at 17.5 and didn’t want to do a mile more.  I left Jason to find his own way home.  I was tired but I felt pretty good at the end of the run.  For the second long run in a row, I consumed a bottle of Accelerade, 1 bag of Sport Beans, and 1 Clif Bar.  When I got home I downed a Slim Fast as a recovery drink.  And a bottle of Gatorade G2 (low cal).  Overall a successful run.  The arch on my right foot does hurt though.  I will probably ride the trainer on Monday, and alow my foot to recover. – St. Louis here I come.