111 Days and 4300 Miles

Today, in my first official day of marathon training, I Covering 111 days and 4300 miles, all while running on the treadmill.  How did I do all this in 1:28?  Time travel?  No, it was a documentary called: Running the Sahara.  A epic journey of 10 miles on the treadmill.  You can only imagine my pain in comparison to the three men who ran from Senegal to Egypt. 

OK, I may be exaggerating, ten on treadmill was rather easy while watching this show.  It is currently airing on Showtime, and Showtime On-Demand.

With the day off and the kids at home I made the best of  it.  I am not sure what it is about movies/documentaries about running.  They are all tear jerkers.  You feel their pain, every cramp, and every blister.

Their accomplishment really shows how easy or maybe how hard a  marathon could be.  I have only done two marathons, and both have pushed my body and my emotions.

Check out the trail below.


Week 1 Total: 10 miles