110% Better

PhotobucketI was cursing the rain when I woke up this morning.  I had a long run planned for the morning.  I dropped the kids off at school, and was going to brave the rain any way, until I saw lightening.   I thought better, and drove to fitclub south to swim instead.  Unfortunately there was a class starting, and they were not leaving a lap lane open.  I guess I should have checked the schedule, but I just assumed.  I was beginning to get irritated, but I drove to west.  Low and behold a class in progress, no lap lanes.  I think I actually stomped out of the club.

So by 0930, and no training done, I showered and ran a few errands ie: bank, post office, visiting a friend before surgery.  After this the sun was starting to shine.  “Yes”.  I went home and set out for my long run. 

Seeing how poorly my last ling run went, I decided to stick with 10 miles again.  I last week was my worst long run in a while, this was 110% better.  I went down Washington, across Bradfordton.   If you have ran the frostbite you know the 3 lovely hills across Bradfordton.  I felt strong on the hills.  It is exactly 5 miles from  my house to the stop sign, after the 3 hills.  I took a GU and turned around.  

While running by the corn, and soy bean fields I was getting attacked by grasshoppers, or are they crickets. Whatever, they were jumping all over.

Before running home, I stopped by R&M and talked to them about shipping my bike to Alabama for the race. Finally home, I made protein shake, and took a quick nap on the couch before getting the kids.

After Monday night swim lessons, I went to Fit club South. Ever since the Friday fiasco, I have been itching to get a 2mile swim in. I was foiled again. I started my swim with my barracuda goggles on. Thinking comfort, but they kept leaking, and were giving me a headache, so I switched goggles. I got 53 laps in. Just over a mile and a half before a class started. If my goggles would have cooperated I might have finished the 2, but oh well.

Oh, and I am drinking my Schlafly Oktoberfest while writing this post. Delicious!