Live from the Backyard

Episode 008 - The sun is out, Dan & Jason come to you live from the backyard in this amazing episode.  We discuss several topics from our own Wild Hare contributers to recent multisport news from around the country.  Jason talks about recovering from the infamous "wreck."  We also hit upon some of the local races.  So... come waste the next 40 minutes of your life with us, you'll be glad you … [Read more...]

The Final Run

After 4 months of training I am down to my last training session before the 2008 St. Louis Marathon.  Just to keep things consistent the weather was blustery. cloudy, and cold.  It just wouldn't be training without crappy weather. I am still feeling pretty sluggish thanks to my carbo-deprived diet.  I hope it is the lack of carbohydrates that is making me feel this way.  If I am just … [Read more...]

6 Days and Counting

Six days until the St. Louis Marathon.  It is hard to believe our twelve (13) week training plan is coming to an end.  I took yesterday off after the 15 miles on Sunday.  Today I headed to the treadmill for a cool 5 miles.  My knee seems to be holding together after a tough couple of weeks.  I also seem to have gotten the marathon bug back.  At least I am somewhat interested in doing it now...  … [Read more...]

One Week to Go

Jason and I met for a 15 mile run.  We did our usual route to the park.  The run seemed long and kind of dreadful.  The weather was terrible, cold and raining when we started and cool and muggy when we finished. So I started out wet and finished up even wetter.   It was one of those days that really defines you as a runner.  After thinking about the marathon it I am not sure if I feel up for … [Read more...]

Oh… The Taste of Spring

Episode 003 Spring is in the air and there is only two weeks left for Dan and Jason to train for the St. Louis Marathon. It can't come soon enough for the dynamic duo. They are dodging sickness and injury at every corner and cant wait for the cycling/multisport season to begin. Join us for a fun filled hour discussion on training, racing, oatmeal and Jimmy John's. This episode is … [Read more...]

It Sucks Running With You

This was a quote from my training partner and friend, Dan, about 4 miles into our run on Saturday.  You can tell how close we are and the love he shares.  The actual quote was "It sucks running with you because I don't get to listen to my podcasts".  Well, the quote started bad but didn't end so bad.  I can't say the same for our run.  It started out bad and ended even worse.  What was supposed to … [Read more...]

Back to Back

After some time off my knee felt pretty good.  So I thought I would make up for my poor attempt at key workout #1.  I headed out late afternoon with a surpising bounce in my stride.  But after a mile or so, some hint of knee pain set in.  I ran through it, and it seem to have disappeared?  I kept a solid pace of 7:30 for my first 4 mile tempo.  It was a tail wind to the park so I knew I would be … [Read more...]

Spring Ritual

As we pass from Winter into Spring a ritual of mine has been taking place for the past 20 or so years.  That is the annual leg shaving.  No training on this gorgeous day only making myself more aerodynamic (or at least feeling that way) by shaving my face and legs.  It sure does feel good and somehow makes you more focused on the impending season.  A commitment has been made.  Now I am ready for … [Read more...]

Time Management

I have the day off today.  So I took the kids to daycare this morning already dressed in my running gear.  After dropping them off I drove to the park to start my running workout.  Today I wanted to do 2 sets of 4 mile intervals.  I chose to just do 4 laps in the park.  I ran counter-clockwise so I would have to run up the big hill 4 times total. Right away I knew today wasn't going to be … [Read more...]

Not Much Motivation

After my poor showing on Sunday and my utter exhaustion on Monday I really didn't have much motivation to train today.  I forced myself into the cold basement with my only motivation being I could watch my Boston Celtics play the Houston Rockets.  Hopefully the Celtics can end Houston's 22-game winning streak.  I started out with 3 sets of 7 dips (2 more than the usual 5 meaning I'm getting … [Read more...]