Peanut Butter & Jelly

The Track Club and Tuesday Night Training Race go together like peanut butter and jelly.   The noon meeting of the shirtless track club started out with Billy Owens giving us the low down.  We were to complete 1 mile doing a two man/woman relay on 200's.  I was teamed up with non-other than my Nemesis Andy Peterson.  Each team had a person on the opposite side of the track.  The clock started … [Read more...]

Timid Training Race

I don't know, maybe it is just me, but things have seemed a little timid at the training race since "the wreck."  We had a dozen or so, come out tonight.  Brock and another showed up as usual with their TT bikes, and were quickly run off.  I guess we now have new No-TT-Bike rule in effect. (See the Forum) I don't know if it was that, but there was somber mood the rest of the ride.  I was pretty … [Read more...]

Where is Everyone?

I should have known, a Thursday night training race after a crash...  The crowd was scarce with 8-10 riders but it was quality.  We raced with caution;  Pot-holes, gravel, glass, farm implements, cars, trucks, and BIG TRUCKS.  The traffic seemed especially bad tonight. Tonights ride was kind of uneventful...  Everyone rotated smoothly, and took their pull up front.  Andy, Gary and Robo did … [Read more...]

Man Down!

The day started with the noon track club. The workout for today was 6 X 400 on 2:00 intervals. My first couple laps were right on 1:19. That gave 41 seconds of recovery for each lap. My next two laps were on 1:20. I was progressively getting slower and could see what was to follow... 1:22's. The workout was over in no time. It seemed too short, but I am glad I didn't have to do another 400. I … [Read more...]

Stop Attacking!

The name of this post is direct to Andy Lister.  I haven't been on a bike since last Thursday, so that makes one full week off the bike.   The wind was gusting at 30mph from the South and the temp in my car said 97 degrees on the way home from work. I had tried to start hydrating earlier in the afternoon.   I packed up my bike with two full bottles of blue Gatorade and headed to meet Jason. … [Read more...]

Don’t take the Rotation Lightly

It is either windy, raining, cold, or too hot, so for this tuesday night training race I'll take hot and windy.  20-30mph gust from the south and close to 90 degrees.  The training race started off with a pretty good size group 20+.  Starting off down Old Salem Lane, I could see the gutter getting full.  I knew I had no choice but to stay in the rotation up front or get dropped.  Don't take the … [Read more...]

Yes, I am a Quitter

Today, had to be some of the worst weather we have had this week (It is only Tuesday.) It topped out at 82 degrees yesterday and today hit a high of 56... It is training race Tuesday and with a forecast for rain it looked pretty hopeless. So I did a quick lunch run on the treadmill. I cranked that baby up to a 7:30 mile and did a 5k. 5 o'clock rolled around and it was about 52 degrees and a … [Read more...]

I Don’t Like the Gap

This may seem like a harsh statement.  Sure the khakis are slim, the polos are colorful, but the space between cyclist on a windy day is another story.  Leaving a "gap" in the echelon should be a sin. It was training race Tuesday and winds were out of the south 20-30 mph, with 42 mph gust.  The course  heads west.  So that means gutter balls all night.  You can only fit about 4 to 5 rider in … [Read more...]

Brick Dancing

I grew up in the 80's when breakin' was the coolist.  Carrying cardboard and a boombox was essential.  Today the multisport athlete must balance multiple workouts the same way the breakdancer balances on his head. Ok, I am not sure where I was going there... I ran 3 miles at tempo pace at lunch, then did the training race after work. More like a brick with a long pause.. We made 38 hard … [Read more...]

Double Up

I had a lot of energy today. It started off with a moderate run at lunch.  I got in about 4 miles.  After work was the training race (Biketec 6:00).  I was eager to get out on my new bike "Lola."   It was sprint night, so the regroup was in effect for all the sprints except the last.  I took it easy on the the first. I didn't want to start lighting any matches yet.  I felt good, and the power … [Read more...]