Brick House

I guess brick in the house would be more appropriate. I rode for a little over a half hour at tempo pace. Then hoped on the treadmill for a 5k. Nothing spectacular, I just want to make sure my legs would turn after the ride. I am not sure if I will make to the Pioneer Sprint, I haven't been in a pool since October. … [Read more...]

Back on the Bike

Some terrible weather this week has kept me inside.  I have gotten to know Coach Troy rather well over the winter months.  Today was no different, so I opted for the Time Trialpolooza dvd.  This is a very tough cycling workout that last around 1:20.  You can see more details about it in a preivous post.  … [Read more...]


My second day on the bike got rained out.  Man, ever since the marathon it has been raining, windy, and cloudy.  I was planning to have 2 outdoor rides in by now but the weather is not cooperating.  Oh well, at least I don't have to run it. A little more traditional training today.  I began with 3 sets of 7 pull-ups followed by 3 sets of 11 curls in 2 different hand positions with 25# … [Read more...]

Feeling Guilty?

A beautiful day, with a high around 50, and I go for the control environment of the treadmill. With the wife out of town, I had someone watch the kids for a few hours so I could get a workout in. Jason was not available to train today seeing he is doing some heavy binge drinking. I hope I install some guilt with the post. My workout started with 30 minutes on the trainer. I had purchased a … [Read more...]

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah…

It is getting really hard to make this post each week when I do the same Iron Girl Workout.  You are probably wondering why I do this workout week after week.  I guess I do it for a couple of reasons.  I like getting on the bike, I really think it is helping my runs.  The strength training is a killer workout.  Need I say more... … [Read more...]

Slow but Hard

After taking Monday off to rest my knee, I hit the trainer today for an Iron Girl Workout.  My legs still felt heavy, but strong.  I made it through the workout cursing coach Troy.  Every time I watch the video, he says "it will get easier, I guarantee it."  I have been doing this workout somewhat regularly and NO COACH, its not getting any easier!  I hope this cycing session helps my knee, … [Read more...]

Not Much Motivation

After my poor showing on Sunday and my utter exhaustion on Monday I really didn't have much motivation to train today.  I forced myself into the cold basement with my only motivation being I could watch my Boston Celtics play the Houston Rockets.  Hopefully the Celtics can end Houston's 22-game winning streak.  I started out with 3 sets of 7 dips (2 more than the usual 5 meaning I'm getting … [Read more...]

The Day After

Ouch!  The day after my long run was really tough.  I was actually limping at work for a while.  After a couple of Ibuprofens, some stretching, and elevation of my legs I was ready to crawl onto my trainer. Since I would be traveling tomorrow I HAD to exercise today.   I know my limits and knew I wouldn't want to do anything after a long day of traveling with the kids.  So I rode the trainer … [Read more...]

Another 4.5

Another 4.5 inches of freakin' snow fell today.  I am so sick of shoveling the driveway.  Luckily it only took me 45 minutes this time.  Can I call that a workout?  More snow means tomorrow's run is gonna suck.  I am planning for 22 miles tomorrow. I rode the trainer for another 30 minutes today.  I tried to use a slightly bigger gear to get more of a workout.  It was a pretty good ride and … [Read more...]

Weights and Trainer

I lifted weights today, and followed up with 30 minutes on the bike. My legs were so heavy after doing squats and I couldn't finish my cycing workout. Overall a good workout though. … [Read more...]