The FitClub South has “closed” the lap pool again.

The FitClub South has "closed" the lap pool, or actually raised the temp to accommodate the closing of the therapy pool, and kicked out all the swimmers, who actually use the pool to swim in. This is the second closing of the FitClub South's pool this year due to maintenance. The FitClub's response is for the swimmer to swim at FitClub West. For those of you that have not been to FitClub West, … [Read more...]

Swimming on empty

I showed up to masters swim and started warming up. After a couple laps I stopped and took a breather. I was exhausted. Tuesdays Lunch w/ Eric had taken its toll. We did 6 quarter mile hill intervals in Washington park. These were a long slow incline. Very deceiving. I had set my pace on the first interval staying just behind the elites. I wasn't sure if I would be able to keep that pace up … [Read more...]

Olympic Swimming

Episode 26 - Part 1 of this two part episode, Eric Sommer guest host to discuss swimming HardyBreed style. This is the one topic we have avoided for a while, due to the fact that Jason and I are not that great of swimmers. Also Eric stresses the importance of the group swim. Stick around for the next 20 minutes. You'll be glad you did! … [Read more...]

Back in the Swim of Things

I am usually up by 8:00 on the weekends but today I had trouble rolling out of bed in time for the 10:00 adult swim.  I put on my trunks (yes, I called them trunks) and headed out the door.  I got there a few minutes after 10:00 and all the lanes were taken.  I found a spot to squeeze into and started my work out. I warmed up with a set of 10x50.  I took a minute rest between each lap.  I then … [Read more...]

Swimming Sucks!

This was pretty much my first swim work out for the year. I did the Pioneer Sprint a month ago, which included a 300 yard pool swim, and man that was tough. I had these big aspirations for swimming this year, but it has come down to the middle of June and I have not gotten my feet wet. With the middle of June in my head, I made it to the pool for the adult swim. It was cool and in the lower … [Read more...]