Back in the Saddle

Episode 005 Dan and Jason are back in the saddle for the weekly training races. We discuss our transitional period between running and the bike. We also introduce our special guest "Lola" who sits in on our show while we spin our tall tale of the St. Louis Marathon. Come waste 40 minutes of your life with us... This episode is also available through iTunes. (listen or watch on your … [Read more...]


My second day on the bike got rained out.  Man, ever since the marathon it has been raining, windy, and cloudy.  I was planning to have 2 outdoor rides in by now but the weather is not cooperating.  Oh well, at least I don't have to run it. A little more traditional training today.  I began with 3 sets of 7 pull-ups followed by 3 sets of 11 curls in 2 different hand positions with 25# … [Read more...]

Live from St. Louis

Episode 004 Coming to you live from room 6027 at the Hyatt Union Station, the night before the St. Louis Marathon. In this prerace episode we discuss our plans for the race, what our pace will be, and nutrition. Please excuse the poor video quality, it was more important to remember my shoes then the lighting equipment. This episode is also available through iTunes. (listen or watch … [Read more...]

St. Louis PR

Three months of training for one 26.2 .mile run.  We got down to St. Louis about 4:30 and checked into the Hyatt Union Station.  This is the best hotel for the marathon, seeing it is located on the starting line.  We walked about a mile down to the old Adams Mark, were the packed pick-up was.   We got our numbers, t-shirts and bags.  Toured the expo and caught a cab back to the Hyatt.  We … [Read more...]

This is it!

Today, I went on my last run before the marathon.  I did an easy 5 on my normal course.  My knee felt great!  Although, I am sure the pain will be back around mile 10 of the marathon.  I must learn to "Accept the Pain" and move on. I am ready, I am focused, and I will probably be really nervious come Sunday. I feel like I am saying goodbye.  Like I might not make it back...  If so, someone … [Read more...]

The Final Run

After 4 months of training I am down to my last training session before the 2008 St. Louis Marathon.  Just to keep things consistent the weather was blustery. cloudy, and cold.  It just wouldn't be training without crappy weather. I am still feeling pretty sluggish thanks to my carbo-deprived diet.  I hope it is the lack of carbohydrates that is making me feel this way.  If I am just … [Read more...]

6 Days and Counting

Six days until the St. Louis Marathon.  It is hard to believe our twelve (13) week training plan is coming to an end.  I took yesterday off after the 15 miles on Sunday.  Today I headed to the treadmill for a cool 5 miles.  My knee seems to be holding together after a tough couple of weeks.  I also seem to have gotten the marathon bug back.  At least I am somewhat interested in doing it now...  … [Read more...]


Zero motivation and feeling a little hung over from yesterday's Barstool Open I headed out to meet Dan at the usual spot. We met at 12:45 in drizzling rain but 47 degree temperatures. The drizzling stopped after about an hour but the humidity remained. I'm not complaining, however, because I am so sick of freezing temperatures that anything above 50 degrees is appreciated. It felt like a … [Read more...]

Good Times/Bad Times

A meeting at work was canceled this morning so I took the opportunity to go for an early morning run.  The weather was not favorable but my training has slacked lately and I am feeling pressure from the upcoming marathon.  It was 34 degrees and cloudy with a 15 mph NNE wind when I started at 07:00.  It didn't take long before my lips were numb and I was COLD.  I attempted to run workout #1 but … [Read more...]

Oh… The Taste of Spring

Episode 003 Spring is in the air and there is only two weeks left for Dan and Jason to train for the St. Louis Marathon. It can't come soon enough for the dynamic duo. They are dodging sickness and injury at every corner and cant wait for the cycling/multisport season to begin. Join us for a fun filled hour discussion on training, racing, oatmeal and Jimmy John's. This episode is … [Read more...]