Olympic Swimming

Episode 26 - Part 1 of this two part episode, Eric Sommer guest host to discuss swimming HardyBreed style. This is the one topic we have avoided for a while, due to the fact that Jason and I are not that great of swimmers. Also Eric stresses the importance of the group swim. Stick around for the next 20 minutes. You'll be glad you did! … [Read more...]

I Heart Podcast

If you didn't already know, I love podcasting.  Listening, watching, creating.  On todays long run, I made sure my iPhone was up to date with my subscription of podcast.  Looking at going around 10 miles, I knew exactly how many podcast I would need. I started out with the Competitor Radio Show.  Bob Babbitt and Paul Huddle are always great to listen to.  The usually are interviewing some of … [Read more...]

Live from the Polka

Episode 010 - Coming to you live from the Polka Pace Race 5k in Havana Illinois.  HardyBreed Rabbits Dan, Jason and Kim set out to the streets to interview several racers.  We talk with Dean (83), from Springfield, IL, who has done a marathon in all 50 states.  He tells us about his adventures and most memorable race. We also talk with Lance, Joe, Aaron, Kevin and Kim to find out how the race went … [Read more...]

Live from the Backyard

Episode 008 - The sun is out, Dan & Jason come to you live from the backyard in this amazing episode.  We discuss several topics from our own Wild Hare contributers to recent multisport news from around the country.  Jason talks about recovering from the infamous "wreck."  We also hit upon some of the local races.  So... come waste the next 40 minutes of your life with us, you'll be glad you … [Read more...]

Back in the Saddle

Episode 005 Dan and Jason are back in the saddle for the weekly training races. We discuss our transitional period between running and the bike. We also introduce our special guest "Lola" who sits in on our show while we spin our tall tale of the St. Louis Marathon. Come waste 40 minutes of your life with us... This episode is also available through iTunes. (listen or watch on your … [Read more...]

Live from St. Louis

Episode 004 Coming to you live from room 6027 at the Hyatt Union Station, the night before the St. Louis Marathon. In this prerace episode we discuss our plans for the race, what our pace will be, and nutrition. Please excuse the poor video quality, it was more important to remember my shoes then the lighting equipment. This episode is also available through iTunes. (listen or watch … [Read more...]

Oh… The Taste of Spring

Episode 003 Spring is in the air and there is only two weeks left for Dan and Jason to train for the St. Louis Marathon. It can't come soon enough for the dynamic duo. They are dodging sickness and injury at every corner and cant wait for the cycling/multisport season to begin. Join us for a fun filled hour discussion on training, racing, oatmeal and Jimmy John's. This episode is … [Read more...]

It Sucks Running With You

This was a quote from my training partner and friend, Dan, about 4 miles into our run on Saturday.  You can tell how close we are and the love he shares.  The actual quote was "It sucks running with you because I don't get to listen to my podcasts".  Well, the quote started bad but didn't end so bad.  I can't say the same for our run.  It started out bad and ended even worse.  What was supposed to … [Read more...]