Oh… The Taste of Spring

Episode 003 Spring is in the air and there is only two weeks left for Dan and Jason to train for the St. Louis Marathon. It can't come soon enough for the dynamic duo. They are dodging sickness and injury at every corner and cant wait for the cycling/multisport season to begin. Join us for a fun filled hour discussion on training, racing, oatmeal and Jimmy John's. This episode is … [Read more...]

Spring Ritual

As we pass from Winter into Spring a ritual of mine has been taking place for the past 20 or so years.  That is the annual leg shaving.  No training on this gorgeous day only making myself more aerodynamic (or at least feeling that way) by shaving my face and legs.  It sure does feel good and somehow makes you more focused on the impending season.  A commitment has been made.  Now I am ready for … [Read more...]