Sizzling Mile

[Results] [Photos] The temperature was warm but the times were hot!  SRRC's Sizzling Mile was held at the Sacred Heart Griffin Track on Wednesday, July 23rd.  The 1 mile race (4 laps plus a little) was composed of 9 heats, based on predicted finish times.  The race started with the kids heat and ended with the sub 5 heat and a new Sizzling Mile record 4:34:08! See all the records at Back on … [Read more...]


My daughter had a baseball game at 6:30. Trying to incorporate my workout with the game, I decided to run out to the ball field and meet everyone there. I thought it would be kind of an invisible run. It was 4 miles to the field from my house. I hit the road, dodging the west-side traffic. I made it to the field, and saw the kids playing, so I thought what would one more mile out hurt? So I … [Read more...]


Being on a semi-vacation for 4 days, I felt like a junkie that couldn't find a fix.  I was able to score that 1:20 on Lake Shore, but the high only last so long.  I would see people going by, running or riding, I would look at their shoes, their bike.  I would try to guess their pace, or how many miles they might be doing. I pulled into the driveway and less then an hour out of the car I had my … [Read more...]

Lake Shore Drive

I have taken the last few days off, recovering and drinking beer in Chicago.  I got up this morning and headed out of my hotel for the Lake Shore Drive trail.  I have never run in Chicago before and had no idea what to expect. I started the trail just north of the Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum.  Running north with just my trusty timex.  Wow there were people everywhere!  Cyclist, … [Read more...]

New Training Partner

Yes I do feel guilty when I am out training by myself, and my wife is alone with the kids.  With that said, I decided to go for a run in the 88 degree heat with my daughter Chloe at my side.  She just learned to rider here bike earlier this year without training wheels so she is able to keep a pretty good pace. We headed out, and she kept asking my why I was so wet? Did I mention the 100% … [Read more...]

Yes, I am a Quitter

Today, had to be some of the worst weather we have had this week (It is only Tuesday.) It topped out at 82 degrees yesterday and today hit a high of 56... It is training race Tuesday and with a forecast for rain it looked pretty hopeless. So I did a quick lunch run on the treadmill. I cranked that baby up to a 7:30 mile and did a 5k. 5 o'clock rolled around and it was about 52 degrees and a … [Read more...]

Indoor Brick

It rained out all morning and I really didn't think it would turn out to be such a nice day.  Any how I got my workout in early on Memorial Day.  I wanted to see how my legs would do with the reverese brick.  The Capital City Biathlon is Saturday and I have not really tried a run, bike.  Usually for a triathlon a brick could be a bike, run.  The difference is big and your legs can feel it. I … [Read more...]