Goats 4 Sale

That is what the sign said on the side of the road.   It wasn't the only interesting thing I saw.  Let's just say there were Monster Trucks, Mobile Homes, and Live Bait.  There may have also been a Mullet or two... My 40 mile ride took temps and humidity in the upper 80's.   There where actually some good rolling hills.  Better then I thought I would see.  The humidity really took its toll … [Read more...]


I got up today and hit the 30 foot pool for 1000 yards.  Yes that is a lot of laps.  After that I poured a cup of joe and sat in a nice raft and watched the Tour DAY France (as Bob Roll would put it.)  To top that I broke out Lola and headed out for a ride. The first ten miles were beautiful.  The a down-pour.  I stopped at a abandon gas station and caught up on some Hardy Breed email.  The … [Read more...]

The Taste of Blood

I haven't had the taste of blood for a while.  No I am not a vampire, or a prize fighter, I am just the average age grouper trying to push myself.  It was time trial Wednesday, out at the New City course.  Steve Schien of BikeTek graciously orgainized the event.  He and about 25 others came prepared to beat the clock. I have never seen so many disc wheels and aero helmets.  Everyone was testing … [Read more...]