The Final Run

After 4 months of training I am down to my last training session before the 2008 St. Louis Marathon.  Just to keep things consistent the weather was blustery. cloudy, and cold.  It just wouldn't be training without crappy weather. I am still feeling pretty sluggish thanks to my carbo-deprived diet.  I hope it is the lack of carbohydrates that is making me feel this way.  If I am just … [Read more...]


Zero motivation and feeling a little hung over from yesterday's Barstool Open I headed out to meet Dan at the usual spot. We met at 12:45 in drizzling rain but 47 degree temperatures. The drizzling stopped after about an hour but the humidity remained. I'm not complaining, however, because I am so sick of freezing temperatures that anything above 50 degrees is appreciated. It felt like a … [Read more...]

Good Times/Bad Times

A meeting at work was canceled this morning so I took the opportunity to go for an early morning run.  The weather was not favorable but my training has slacked lately and I am feeling pressure from the upcoming marathon.  It was 34 degrees and cloudy with a 15 mph NNE wind when I started at 07:00.  It didn't take long before my lips were numb and I was COLD.  I attempted to run workout #1 but … [Read more...]

It Sucks Running With You

This was a quote from my training partner and friend, Dan, about 4 miles into our run on Saturday.  You can tell how close we are and the love he shares.  The actual quote was "It sucks running with you because I don't get to listen to my podcasts".  Well, the quote started bad but didn't end so bad.  I can't say the same for our run.  It started out bad and ended even worse.  What was supposed to … [Read more...]

Time Management

I have the day off today.  So I took the kids to daycare this morning already dressed in my running gear.  After dropping them off I drove to the park to start my running workout.  Today I wanted to do 2 sets of 4 mile intervals.  I chose to just do 4 laps in the park.  I ran counter-clockwise so I would have to run up the big hill 4 times total. Right away I knew today wasn't going to be … [Read more...]


Sunny and 34 degrees with a NE wind at 15 mph.  That is what greeted Dan and I as we began today's run at 10:00.  I don't like running out in the country but Dan wanted to do a loop out of town then a loop in town.  Against my better judgment we headed west.  In retrospect this was probably a good idea since this route incorporated more hills than an easterly route.  The St. Louis Marathon is very … [Read more...]

Remember When?

Keeping on the music theme I thought about the song "Remember When?" by Alan Jackson.  Not to downplay (no pun intended) the theme of the song but I began to add my owns words to the song.  "Remember when 9 miles seemed like a long run".  Now it is a mid-week run for me.  I was amazed at how quickly I returned to my house. What a beautiful day.  It was 61 degrees, sunny, and a 15 mph SE wind.  … [Read more...]

The Dangers of Running on a Treadmill

I'm in Dallas for a wound care course.  Since I did workout #2 of week 9 on Wednesday this weekend will be workout #1 which is 3, 3 mile intervals at marathon pace.  The weather here is not that nice and my hotel is pretty isolated so I opted for the treadmill.  The course got out at 18:00 and I was on the treadmill by 18:30.  If I didn't rush to get started I would have never gone.  Seeing it is … [Read more...]

Another 4.5

Another 4.5 inches of freakin' snow fell today.  I am so sick of shoveling the driveway.  Luckily it only took me 45 minutes this time.  Can I call that a workout?  More snow means tomorrow's run is gonna suck.  I am planning for 22 miles tomorrow. I rode the trainer for another 30 minutes today.  I tried to use a slightly bigger gear to get more of a workout.  It was a pretty good ride and … [Read more...]

Wastin’ Time….Not

I was the opposite of the Skid Row song "Wastin' Time" today.  I took advantage of spare time and a beautiful day.  It was 70 degrees and sunny with a pretty hefty south wind.  I was still pretty sore from yesterday's run but I couldn't miss out on the fabulous weather.  I went out for a 4.5 mile jog in shorts and t-shirt.  It felt like I was naked considering I'm used to tights and at least a … [Read more...]