Salisbury Steak

 I went and covered the Athleticare's Super Sprint this morning.  I really like going to races when you don't have to race.  No stress!  The race had a great turn out and was well organized.  A lot of people got exposed to the world of triathlon and I am guessing they had a lot of fun. Anyhow if you get a chance check out the photos and video from todays race. This afternoon I got Lola out … [Read more...]

A Pitiful Turnout

 I was very excited about taking Lola out for her first real ride. It rained earlier in the afternoon, but cleared up, and was actually sunny by 6:00. Just in time for the training race. I was flying solo tonight, Jason couldn't find a babysitter. I did my usuall warm up look and headed to Biketek. To my surprise, there were about 4 or 5 riders. I guess there is a big race down in St. Louis this … [Read more...]

Back in the Saddle

Episode 005 Dan and Jason are back in the saddle for the weekly training races. We discuss our transitional period between running and the bike. We also introduce our special guest "Lola" who sits in on our show while we spin our tall tale of the St. Louis Marathon. Come waste 40 minutes of your life with us... This episode is also available through iTunes. (listen or watch on your … [Read more...]