Iron Girl & 10k

Well this is one pathetic workout for the beginning of May. More wind and more rain...  Will this ever end? After a short training week, I felt like I had a little energy bottled up. I have a few short running races coming up but I am focused on the Capital City Biathlon.  I place 10th last year.  I had a 6:43 pace on the run and a 21.9 mph average on the bike.  My run pace may not change, but … [Read more...]

Running with IG

The weather has been more then uncooperative.  Between the wind, the rain and the damn cold temps, I will probably be running on the treadmill in the middle of summer.   I did't have a whole lot of time, so I thought I would change things up.  I put on the Iron Girl total body workout. But instead of riding my bike on the trainer, I opted for the treadmill.  I started our with a warm-up mile … [Read more...]

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah…

It is getting really hard to make this post each week when I do the same Iron Girl Workout.  You are probably wondering why I do this workout week after week.  I guess I do it for a couple of reasons.  I like getting on the bike, I really think it is helping my runs.  The strength training is a killer workout.  Need I say more... … [Read more...]

What? No Sport Beans!

Ok, so the Easter Bunny didn't leave me a basket full of sport beans,  so I took Easter as a rest day.  I could bearly move after the stupid run on Saturday.  If I could have chopped of my left leg I would have been fine.  So for the next few days you will hear nothing but blogs from the saddle. … [Read more...]

Ride to Recovery

My legs are sore today, so I did the trainer thing/iron girl workout for about 40 minutes. I had to cut it short due to time, but I didn't really want to do lunges, so it worked out in my best interest. I felt miraculously good afterwards... … [Read more...]

Worn Out

Trying to recover from the long run on Sunday, I went ahead and did the Iron Girl workout. I like getting a ride in. It really gets your tired legs moving. I made it for about 45 minutes and quite before doing the lunges. I didn't think my legs had it in them. I did feel better afterwards. I am going to take Tuesday off to recover. … [Read more...]

Thank You Abe

Today is President's day and that means a day off from work.  The kids had a birthday party to attend, so that gave me a good 2 hours to work out.  I wanted to do some strength training, so I chose the Iron Girl workout again.  When I finished I followed up with 5 on the treadmill, at a pretty good pace.  I did the last three around a 7:00 minute pace.  I felt great. Today, I also started with … [Read more...]

Those Girls are Tough!

Monday's recovery workout was once again the Coach Troy's "UltraConditioning 3.0 - Ultra Full Body" or  Iron Girl Workout.  All I can say about this workout is that those girls are tough!  By the end of the workout I had trouble lifting my arms from my side.  The 1:20 workout incorporates strength conditioning with interval tempo training.  Jumping on and off the bike to do strength training with … [Read more...]