G.I. Joe

Me, an Average Joe? Today I was G.I. Joe.  I took N.O. Explode more then a hour before the run.  I need a pick me up to get myself out the door.   I set out on a 6.5 mile tempo run. I felt great keeping my pace at 7:10 to 7:20 for the first 5.5 miles. Then it hit me (I know everyone loves reading about gastrointestinal problems, so I will spare you the details...)  I ended up walking with a … [Read more...]

GI Runs My Workout

It was suppose to be workout #2 of week 6.  I chose to do a 10 mile run at race pace.  I headed out to do the Washington Park loop.  I keep a steady pace of 7:45, and felt pretty decent.  On the return with just over 2 miles to go, I started having some GI problems.  What did I eat, kept running though my head.  Oatmeal w/ bannanas for breakfast, subway ham sandwich w/ jalopenos  for lunch.  I … [Read more...]