Another 4.5

Another 4.5 inches of freakin' snow fell today.  I am so sick of shoveling the driveway.  Luckily it only took me 45 minutes this time.  Can I call that a workout?  More snow means tomorrow's run is gonna suck.  I am planning for 22 miles tomorrow. I rode the trainer for another 30 minutes today.  I tried to use a slightly bigger gear to get more of a workout.  It was a pretty good ride and … [Read more...]

Wastin’ Time….Not

I was the opposite of the Skid Row song "Wastin' Time" today.  I took advantage of spare time and a beautiful day.  It was 70 degrees and sunny with a pretty hefty south wind.  I was still pretty sore from yesterday's run but I couldn't miss out on the fabulous weather.  I went out for a 4.5 mile jog in shorts and t-shirt.  It felt like I was naked considering I'm used to tights and at least a … [Read more...]


I was a little nervous going into today's run.  It was supposed to be 16 miles run at 10% slower than marathon pace or about 08:45/mile.  I have been feeling better since my sickness but today was going to be my first long run in a while.  Normally 16 isn't that bad considering the miles we had been putting in but I missed last weekend's 20 mile run and the previous was just 10 miles.  Endurance … [Read more...]

Image is Everything

No matter how hard you train, most of us will never get close to pro status. Then there are mediocre professionals. They are great in their own right, but not everyone can be a Lance Armstrong. If there was no mediocrecy where would the peleton be? To bring the average in to public view, we have "image." What started my thoughts on this subject was when I started watching the Amgen Tour of … [Read more...]

Riding w/ Levi

Does it count if Levi is on tv and you are on your trainer? I would say he got the short end of the stick. I rode for an hour today while watching friday's coverage of the Tour of California. Watching someone else in pain really make the time go bye. I kept it at a easy spin to loosen the legs up. I have a 20 mile run tomorrow and want to take it easy. … [Read more...]

Springfield Tri Club

An email went out from the Springfield Triathon Club that they were going to start having Sunday training sessions at the new Sports Care Building.   I thought to myself, what a great opportunity to train with someone besides my tv set.  The idea was people could bring their trainers and bikes and we would watch a training video.  Well it turns out I was the only one to show up, besides John … [Read more...]

Tour of California

WOW! I have never been so psyched for a race on American soil since the days of the Tour de Trump. Sunday marks the prologue of the 8-stage, 650 mile Amgen Tour of California (TOC). This is the 3rd year for this UCI ranked race but never (in my mind) has the field been so stacked with exciting riders and teams. There has been the Coors Classic, the Tour of America, the Tour de Trump, and the … [Read more...]