Goats 4 Sale

That is what the sign said on the side of the road.   It wasn't the only interesting thing I saw.  Let's just say there were Monster Trucks, Mobile Homes, and Live Bait.  There may have also been a Mullet or two... My 40 mile ride took temps and humidity in the upper 80's.   There where actually some good rolling hills.  Better then I thought I would see.  The humidity really took its toll … [Read more...]

Live from the Backyard

Episode 008 - The sun is out, Dan & Jason come to you live from the backyard in this amazing episode.  We discuss several topics from our own Wild Hare contributers to recent multisport news from around the country.  Jason talks about recovering from the infamous "wreck."  We also hit upon some of the local races.  So... come waste the next 40 minutes of your life with us, you'll be glad you … [Read more...]

It IS About the Bike

By Bob Santarelli Twenty years ago my average week consisted of training 400 to 500 miles, racing at least twice (sometimes in one day) somewhere in the United States, eating tons of food, sleeping on stranger’s floors and drinking an occasional beer or ten. What a life … the life of a top level bike racer, the life of a “bike bum”.  Sometimes I had to place in the top three of a race in order … [Read more...]

Anne B. – The Group Ride

The experts say that riding with a group will improve your cycling speed and skill. I am sure that this is true and tried testing this theory last summer. Boyfriend S and I showed up at a purported “B” ride one evening. It started at Wheelfast in Chatham. Some very nice people were going to go on this ride. They were dressed in colorful jerseys that coordinated with their bikes. This should have … [Read more...]

Back on the Bike

Some terrible weather this week has kept me inside.  I have gotten to know Coach Troy rather well over the winter months.  Today was no different, so I opted for the Time Trialpolooza dvd.  This is a very tough cycling workout that last around 1:20.  You can see more details about it in a preivous post.  … [Read more...]

First Run

Today was my first run after the marathon. I did 3 easy miles on the treadmill. It took 4 days before my legs felt good enough. Although I did ride the trainer twice this week (with no blog post.) I seem to be on some sort of marathon high this week. The stormy weather has given me a chance to recover without much guilt. I had planned on going to our local training races (cycling) on Tuesday … [Read more...]

The Final Run

After 4 months of training I am down to my last training session before the 2008 St. Louis Marathon.  Just to keep things consistent the weather was blustery. cloudy, and cold.  It just wouldn't be training without crappy weather. I am still feeling pretty sluggish thanks to my carbo-deprived diet.  I hope it is the lack of carbohydrates that is making me feel this way.  If I am just … [Read more...]

Slow but Hard

After taking Monday off to rest my knee, I hit the trainer today for an Iron Girl Workout.  My legs still felt heavy, but strong.  I made it through the workout cursing coach Troy.  Every time I watch the video, he says "it will get easier, I guarantee it."  I have been doing this workout somewhat regularly and NO COACH, its not getting any easier!  I hope this cycing session helps my knee, … [Read more...]

Not Much Motivation

After my poor showing on Sunday and my utter exhaustion on Monday I really didn't have much motivation to train today.  I forced myself into the cold basement with my only motivation being I could watch my Boston Celtics play the Houston Rockets.  Hopefully the Celtics can end Houston's 22-game winning streak.  I started out with 3 sets of 7 dips (2 more than the usual 5 meaning I'm getting … [Read more...]

The Day After

Ouch!  The day after my long run was really tough.  I was actually limping at work for a while.  After a couple of Ibuprofens, some stretching, and elevation of my legs I was ready to crawl onto my trainer. Since I would be traveling tomorrow I HAD to exercise today.   I know my limits and knew I wouldn't want to do anything after a long day of traveling with the kids.  So I rode the trainer … [Read more...]