Brick Dancing

I grew up in the 80's when breakin' was the coolist.  Carrying cardboard and a boombox was essential.  Today the multisport athlete must balance multiple workouts the same way the breakdancer balances on his head. Ok, I am not sure where I was going there... I ran 3 miles at tempo pace at lunch, then did the training race after work. More like a brick with a long pause.. We made 38 hard … [Read more...]

Double Up

I had a lot of energy today. It started off with a moderate run at lunch.  I got in about 4 miles.  After work was the training race (Biketec 6:00).  I was eager to get out on my new bike "Lola."   It was sprint night, so the regroup was in effect for all the sprints except the last.  I took it easy on the the first. I didn't want to start lighting any matches yet.  I felt good, and the power … [Read more...]

Brick House

I guess brick in the house would be more appropriate. I rode for a little over a half hour at tempo pace. Then hoped on the treadmill for a 5k. Nothing spectacular, I just want to make sure my legs would turn after the ride. I am not sure if I will make to the Pioneer Sprint, I haven't been in a pool since October. … [Read more...]