It IS About the Bike

By Bob Santarelli Twenty years ago my average week consisted of training 400 to 500 miles, racing at least twice (sometimes in one day) somewhere in the United States, eating tons of food, sleeping on stranger’s floors and drinking an occasional beer or ten. What a life … the life of a top level bike racer, the life of a “bike bum”.  Sometimes I had to place in the top three of a race in order … [Read more...]

New Training Partner

Yes I do feel guilty when I am out training by myself, and my wife is alone with the kids.  With that said, I decided to go for a run in the 88 degree heat with my daughter Chloe at my side.  She just learned to rider here bike earlier this year without training wheels so she is able to keep a pretty good pace. We headed out, and she kept asking my why I was so wet? Did I mention the 100% … [Read more...]

Indoor Brick

It rained out all morning and I really didn't think it would turn out to be such a nice day.  Any how I got my workout in early on Memorial Day.  I wanted to see how my legs would do with the reverese brick.  The Capital City Biathlon is Saturday and I have not really tried a run, bike.  Usually for a triathlon a brick could be a bike, run.  The difference is big and your legs can feel it. I … [Read more...]

First Run

Today was my first run after the marathon. I did 3 easy miles on the treadmill. It took 4 days before my legs felt good enough. Although I did ride the trainer twice this week (with no blog post.) I seem to be on some sort of marathon high this week. The stormy weather has given me a chance to recover without much guilt. I had planned on going to our local training races (cycling) on Tuesday … [Read more...]