New City Time Trial Results for May 27, 2009

grouptrainingAnother great turn-out with 31 riders!  Thanks for everyone who came out tonight-it was a great time!  To those of you who couldn’t make it, we’ve missed you, too!  Well, Robo set another course record, Justin is almost in the 22’s, Andy Lister knocked 2 minutes off his best time on a borrowed TT bike, several new PR’s, John Lawyer had a flat & ran to the finish in his socks, Scott Robinson blew away his old PR, on and on and on and on!  The parking worked out great-thanks to everybody for your cooperation.

Wind was from the NW at 7mph and 77 degrees, overcast.

  1. Rob Brokaw            22:36 (new course record from 22:56)
  2. Justin Armstead       23:06 new best PR
  3. Andy Lister              23:29 new best PR
  4. Brock Webb            24:36 great first ride, Brock, great to have you back!
  5. Dan Dungan            25:25 (2 seconds off his PR)
  6. Dan Billingsley        25:26 new best PR
  7. Scott Robinson       25:40 new PR by 33 secs
  8. Betty Chesser          26:14 new best PR
  9. Lance Kidd             26:25 new PR this season
  10. Dan Eichinger         26:40 new PR this season
  11. Kenny Vennell        26:54 new PR this season-9 secs from his best PR
  12. Mike Vonnahmen   26:56 new PR this season-14 secs from his best PR
  13. John Lawyer           27:03 first person to finish on foot
  14. Steve Schien           27:29 new PR this season
  15. Tom Chesser          27:39 new best PR (welcome back!)
  16. Jeff Williams          27:50
  17. Jason Beeler           27:59 new PR this season
  18. Keith Buescher       28:10
  19. Brenda Reiling       28:15 new PR this season
  20. Gene Rupnik          29:03 new PR this season-he may be hooked on time trialing!
  21. Lisa Kidd               29:09 new PR this season
  22. Chuck Hitchcock   29:18 new PR this season
  23. Andy Martin          29:21 new PR this season
  24. Marilyn Powell      29:47 new PR this season
  25. Michael Dwyer       30:16 welcome back!
  26. Jake Buescher        30:22 new PR
  27. Bob Thompson      30:27 good for a tall guy that just got the road bike out today!
  28. Emily Chesser        31:16 new PR-rounding out the Chesser family!
  29. Joe Agner              32:32 new PR this season
  30. Lois Jazo                34:43 new PR this season
  31. Keli Jackson          34:53 new PR

Wow! Great job everyone!  This season could be interesting-I’ll see you all in 2 weeks!

Steve Schien