New City Time Trial Results for April 7, 2010

Thanks for coming out, everyone! There were 20 riders, oops, I mean 19 riders. Gene Rupnik would have made it 20, except he forgot to bring his pedals! Sorry, Gene, I had to put that out there! Anyway, thanks for hanging around in the chilly wind to get the finishing numbers for me!

I need a timer! T.J.’s work shift changed this season & won’t be able to time for us.

I made a mistake starting the TT tonight, so we will meet NEXT Wednesday, April 14, 2010. Then every 2 weeks. I will send email reminders, as usual.

We made a few changes tonight, which will carry for the rest of the season. The riders numbering system that we have been using for the last few years (thanks, John Nelson for that idea!) is still being used, with the exception that each rider will keep his/her number for the season. For all past riders, the number represents their ranking as of best time ran in 2009. For new riders this season, their number will be the next in sequence. The course is a little longer, at 10.85 miles, and riders are being started at 15 second intervals, instead of the usual 30 second gap. For those who want to get in a run after biking, I marked out .2, .4, .5, .6, .8 & 1.0 mile marks on the road heading east toward Lake Sangchris.

IMPORTANT: as soon as possible from the time you arrive to race, check in at the timers car so the start list can be prepared as quickly as possible, so we can get riding – THANKS!

Welcome new riders: Mick McGlasson, Sawyer Negro, Tim Shotts (a past winner here) & Jeremy Peck!

Results from Weds, April 7, 2010:
The temp was 65 degrees at the finish, wind was WNW at 20 mph, partly sunny.

Rider                                             Time      MPH average
Ray Caruso                                        27:03     24.07
Dave Drennan                                      27:47     23.43
Lance Kidd                                        28:00     23.25
Scott Robinson                                    28:21     22.96
Mike Vonnahmen                                    29:09     22.33
Keith Buescher                                    29:50     21.82
Arden Gregory                                     29:53     21.78
Kenny Vennell                                     30:13     21.54
Tim Shotts returns to New City!                   30:50     21.11
Mick McGlasson                                    30:56     21.05
Marilyn Powell                                    31:42     20.54
Lisa Kidd                                         31:42     20.54
Sawyer Negro                                      33:02     19.71
Adam Sergent                                      33:26     19.47
Nick Fogleman                                     33:30     19.43
Brigitte Cutler                                   34:28     18.88
John Nelson                                       35:22     18.41
Jeremy Peck                                       39:26     16.51
Kathy Nelson                                      48:38     13.39

Thanks again! See you next Weds, April 14th (then every 2 weeks)!

Steve Schien