New City Time Trial Results for April 28, 2010

Hey Everyone!

Perfect weather again, although a little windy—again. It IS springtime in Illinois after all! Welcome 4 new riders tonight: John Williams, Joe Gurski, John Halterman & Scott Leopold! Thanks for coming & we all hope to see you regularly! Thanks also for everyone who has donated the money that I will give to the church-they are VERY appreciative of it!

There is a TT tomorrow night near Petersburg at 6PM. If you need info about that, you can call me at work at 787-2907. Dave Bagot puts that one on. Thanks to Arden Gregory who showed up on his bike, too tired to race, but wanted to help. So I asked him to monitor the turn-around point. So he got to ride the course anyway! Kenny Vennell had a function to attend tonight with his kids, but wanted to get in a course time-so he came early, rode the course & timed himself at 28:08-that is added in the listing below. That is a first here! Great dedication, Kenny! Thanks also to Jeff Williams who came to help out. The last thanks go to Tom Chesser, who came with the intention of riding-only to find the only shoes that were brought did not match the pedals on his bike. At least he had pedals (remember Gene Rupnik a few weeks ago?). But he didn’t want to ride that distance wearing Crocs on Speedplay pedals.

April 28, 2010

Clear skies, 65 degrees, wind SSE at 13mph.

Rider                            Time                     Avg. MPH
Justin Armstead                  23:07                    28.2
Rob Brokaw                       23:53                    27.3
Dan Dungan                       26:25                    24.6
Dave Drennan                     26:30                    24.6
Lance Kidd                       26:35                    24.5
John Halterman                   26:58                    24.1
Mark Shea                        27:26                    23.7
Bette Chesser                    27:37                    23.6
Scott Robinson                   27:43                    23.5
Mike Vonnahmen                   27:43                    23.5
Kenny Vennell                    28:08                    23.1
Lisa Kidd                        29:03                    22.4
Mick McGlasson                   29:10                    22.3
John Hulcher                     29:14                    22.3
Marilyn Powell                   29:18                    22.2
Adam Sergent                     29:48                    21.8
Nick Fogleman                    29:52                    21.8
Brenda Reiling                   29:55                    21.8
Gina Champion                    30:34                    21.3
Brigitte Cutler                  31:01                    21.0
John Williams                    31:12                    20.9
Emily Chesser                    32:21                    20.1
Neil Glessner                    33:03                    19.7
Scott Leopold                    34:33                    18.8
Joe Gurski                       34:39                    18.8
Adam Newhall                     35:29                    18.3
John Nelson                      41:50                    15.6
Kathy Nelson                     43:18                    15.0

Great Job, Everyone! See you in 2 weeks on May 12th!
Steve Schien