New City Time Trial Results for April 13, 2011

Hi, everyone!

Thanks for coming out to New City on Weds! This is the beginning of the 5th year of the Wednesday Night Time Trials! There were a few new faces & a few that haven’t been out for a while! Some new equipment, some old, a fixie & a mountain bike! Justin Stewart set a new course record on a fixed-gear bike & Albert Pierceall (training for an adventure race) showed up for the first time in a few seasons on a knobby-tired mountain bike & rode while wearing a HUGE backpack!

Results from 4/13/11
22 riders
70 degrees, light ESE wind, clear skies

Bette Chesser         27:12
Brenda Reiling        28:04
Lisa Kidd             30:13
Emily Chesser         32:25
Lois Jazo             35:57

Rob Brokaw            23:38
Justin Armstead       23:46
John Lawyer           25:13
Adam Sergent          25:32
Andy Lister           26:01
Lance Kidd            26:49
Mike Vonnahmen        27:08
Dave Drennan          27:08
Bette Chesser         27:12
Brenda Reiling        28:04
Kenny Vennell         28:04
Jeff Williams         28:12
Tom Chesser           28:14
Justin Stewart        28:59 on a fixie-old record was 30:01
Todd LaFountain       29:20
Nick Fogleman         29:28
John Nelson           29:52
Lisa Kidd             30:13
Emily Chesser         32:25
Jeff Meyerhoff        33:26
Lois Jazo             35:57
Albert Pierceall      38:26

Thanks for coming & I’ll see you on Weds April 27th!

Steve Schien