Anne B. – The Group Ride

The experts say that riding with a group will improve your cycling speed and skill. I am sure that this is true and tried testing this theory last summer. Boyfriend S and I showed up at a purported “B” ride one evening. It started at Wheelfast in Chatham. Some very nice people were going to go on this ride. They were dressed in colorful jerseys that coordinated with their bikes. This should have … [Read more...]

Something New Rabbits!

We are starting a new spot called "Wild Hares - Guest Star Blog."  What is it?  A blog written by our favorite rabbits.  We will display a new blog post, every week or so from one of our viewers.   What is is all about?  Well, it is up to you!  Pick a multisport topic, race, or piece of gear you would like to write about and submit it to  It is that easy to be a Wild Hare! Email … [Read more...]