31 Miles, 7 Donuts

By Anne Baker For the past four years I have run the Women's Distance Festival two-mile race in Washington Park. It's a great race that gets better every year. But sometimes a change is in order. For reasons that defy logic, Steve and I signed up for the Tour de Donut Bike Ride in Staunton, IL. The premise is simple. Ride 10 miles, eat as many donuts as you care to, ride 10 more miles, eat … [Read more...]

My First Half Ironman

By Kevin Milward I finished my first 1/2 ironman triathlon on 06/29/08.  It was a grueling & amazing experience.  My quest started back in November when one of my buddies (Steve V) suggested doing this crazy event.  I laughed at him.  I had only completed sprint triathlons (more on that later).  I had been running with another buddy to prepare for the Lincoln half marathon, as I had only … [Read more...]

The Evolution of Running

By Matthew Hitchcock The first organized run I ever participated in was a marathon when I was 23.  I had absolutely no running experience prior to the 2005 Chicago Marathon; no previous cross country experience during my high school days, no weekend 5K’s,  nothing. So imagine the feeling when the race started and along with the 40,000 other runners, I began running through the streets of one of … [Read more...]

One Year Later… Another Goal Achieved

By Lance Cull June 23, 2007… 15th Scholastic Challenge… Approximately 28 minutes. That was my first race since starting to run races (about a 20 year layoff). I’d only been running for about a month but I needed a baseline. I knew I could run faster, but in order to do so I needed a point to start from and to set some personal goals. I’m a firm believer in goals and I’d like to take a little … [Read more...]

It IS About the Bike

By Bob Santarelli Twenty years ago my average week consisted of training 400 to 500 miles, racing at least twice (sometimes in one day) somewhere in the United States, eating tons of food, sleeping on stranger’s floors and drinking an occasional beer or ten. What a life … the life of a top level bike racer, the life of a “bike bum”.  Sometimes I had to place in the top three of a race in order … [Read more...]


by Tim O'Brien  This story is a year in the making... literally! 2006 had become a pretty lousy year in my life. Nothing bad like health, but other things that wore me down significantly. The 2006 Quad Cities Marathon fell on my birthday, and I thought it would be a terrific way to wipe the slate clean and have a new beginning. The marathon’s motto is “4 Cities, 3 Bridges, 2 States and One … [Read more...]

Supersuit = SUPERPOWER

By Jenni G. I haven't been progressing as fast as I thought I would by now in my swimming abilities. The Stoneman Sprint is only two months away and I still am stuck at 200 yds. I’ve been struggling the most with breathing and relaxation in the water. As I may have mentioned before, the water and I are natural enemies. I don't trust the water and I'm sure the water feels the same about me. We … [Read more...]

Justin S. – From Down Under

Paddy Pallin Adventure Race [Photos] After having ditched my team, I was adamant that I was not going to participate in this race, but rather watch and support them from the sidelines. That was until I got the call up from a colleague who had an injury in his team and needed a fill in. Reluctantly, I agreed to race. My new teammates finished 7th in the all male category last year, so you … [Read more...]

Matt V. – River to River Relay

  2008 River to River Relay [Photos] The Illinois River to River Relay is probably one of the more unique races in Illinois. Every April, the maximum of 240 teams made up of 8 runners make the 80 mile trek across the southern tip of Illinois from the Mississippi River Valley to the Ohio River. Each runner gets three sections ranging from 2.5 to 4 miles to complete. As part of the relay, while … [Read more...]

Starting All Over – Aaron Sarff

I started running again in 2004 after a three year break from the sport during which I finished college, got married, got fat (for me) and learned how to box (with limited success, a broken nose and limited weight loss). The impetus behind my comeback was a two mile run I undertook that made me think about running a 5K. I ran the Premier Bank 5K a few weeks later hoping to run about eight-minute … [Read more...]