Rockin’ and Rollin’

By Lance Cull On Sunday, January 18, 2009, I ran my first Marathon. The Marathon of choice was the 6th Annual P.F. Chang’s Arizona Rock-n-Roll Marathon/Half Marathon held in sunny Phoenix, AZ. The Marathon and Half Marathon routes are run on different courses but both start in downtown Phoenix and run through Scottsdale before finishing up in Tempe on the Campus of Arizona State … [Read more...]

My First Marathon

By Julie Waters Some friends and I made plans about six months ago to participate in the Rock and Roll Marathon in San Antonio, TX on November 16, 2008. For me and my running partner, it was our first marathon. For our friends Jeff and Traci, marathon veterans, it was a chance to qualify for Boston. There were four of us running, and we had twelve supporters from St. Louis/ Springfield, who … [Read more...]

Quad Cities Half Marathon

By Matt Vortman The Quad Cities Marathon was held September 28th, 2008. In conjunction with the full 26.2 mile marathon, they have a marathon relay, half marathon, and 5K. I chose to run a half marathon about a month ago. I actually ran the Quad Cities Marathon in 2005, my first. It was a miserable experience. The weather was hot and humid and I got stopped by a train; not once…TWICE! … [Read more...]

A Monster of a Race

By Andy Peterson I thought I'd do a writeup of the Monster Adventure experience, covering not just the race, but also the teammate - Dan B. - one of the two great minds behind Hardy Breed. To the other - Jason - a tribute.  Jason was Dan's original partner but could not make it for the race. For Jason, there's a song for every occasion, so I've added links to music that is relevant, if only by … [Read more...]

Returning a Medal

By Bill Davis A few days ago, I mailed my 2008 St. Jude Marathon registration application. I’m really looking forward to completing the St. Jude Memphis Marathon; it will be my second lifetime marathon. Also, I have to return a medal to my friend. I’ll explain why later. Completing the St. Jude Marathon is a goal that I set for myself three years ago. To give you a little background, I … [Read more...]

Lewis, Clark & Ike

By Lance Cull The Lewis and Clark Marathon/ Half Marathon are held on Sunday, September 14th and are run through St. Charles County. The race starts at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater and finishes up in Frontier Park, the site of the Lewis and Clark Statue. Both the Marathon and Half marathon run the same course for the first 13.1 miles and then the Marathon continues with an out-and-back … [Read more...]

The Big Shoulders

By Eric Sommer [View the race photos] [Results] The Big Shoulders ( open water swim classic is an annual event held in Chicago every September. This year’s race featured 603 swimmers from all over the country. The weather always seems to be an issue for one reason or another. One year they’ll have 3 foot swells and athletes get sea-sickness from the motion of the waves, and … [Read more...]

The Great Blow Out

By Dan Dungan I made the decision early in the season to support the local Petersburg lads and have a go at their event. I’ ll give them massive kudos for this undertaking.  It’s often overlooked by race participants, the sheer volume of work required to pull off a triathlon. Steve O’Connor, Dave Cox and countless other volunteer were up to the task.  As with any first time event there are … [Read more...]

Feel Great! The Bix in ’08!

By Matt Vortman The Bix 7, a seven mile road race held each year in Davenport, Iowa is hands-down my favorite road race to participate in. The race is named after a famous jazz musician, Bix Beiderbecke who was born in Davenport. I was introduced to this race while at St. Ambrose University in 2002 and have done it ever since. There are several events that surround the race each year. The … [Read more...]

A Reflection on the Trials

By Ann Gaffigan (From with permission from Ann Gaffigan. Photo by Eric Naslund) Saying Goodbye to Running and Hello to...Running I know I’m supposed to believe in myself. I know I’m supposed to have positive thoughts and really believe that I can achieve my dreams. But I’ve also learned that you have to have a backup plan. Because the reality of it is, only a small … [Read more...]