Big Shoulders 2009: A Retrospective Diary of a First Timer

By Peter Wise Rewind. August 2008. I had spent the summer swimming with the pleasant ladies at Colony West. Was I ready for Big Shoulders 2008? Tested myself with a Nelson Center workout. I had my ass handed to me by the Big Shoulders training crowd. Fast forward. April 2009. Turned 50. Big Shoulders on the bucket list. Late May at Nelson Center. Damn, this pool is long and lumpy. … [Read more...]

Howl at the Moon 8 hr run/walk

By Ren Bleem Anticipation for the run was high. My first 8 hour ultra. On a 3.3 mile loop. I had put in mile after mile and many cross training workouts to prepare for the day. 7 am was upon us and the horn sounded. 250 runners ready for a long day. Andy, the guy who got me into this, and I walked for 5-10 minutes to let the field clear abit. We took off running dodging and weaving … [Read more...]

MLB All-Star Charity 5K

By Matt Vortman Major League Baseball held its first All-Star Charity 5K on Sunday, July 12, 2009 in St. Louis to coincide with the baseball All-Star game. The race was sponsored by Sports Authority and Nike with the proceeds benefiting the Prostate Cancer Foundation, Stand Up to Cancer, and the Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure” Foundation. I decided to run this race several months ago after … [Read more...]

Adam’s All Star 5K Charity Run

By Adam Hawkins The All Star 5K Charity Run was held on Sunday, July 12th in downtown St. Louis. Since it was a Sunday race, I jumped at the chance to run. This race was a charity event, raising funds for three cancer organizations: Stand Up To Cancer, Susan G. Komen, and the Prostate Cancer Foundation. As race time drew near, I made my way to one of the sparse porta potties scattered about … [Read more...]

My Encounter with Fame

By Nick Brummer The Glenwood Springs Omnium. I was only doing the TT and the Crit, as doing the 85 mile road race may have been a bit long for me, and would have set me back another 50 bucks putting my total for the weekend around 150.00 with one day licenses included. Friday night was the time trial. I underestimated the amount of time I would need to get there, and as a result just barely was … [Read more...]

Touching the Tundra

By Jacob Klug If you have ever seen me at one of the local races here in Springfield, you can see just by looking at me that I am a Green Bay Packers fan.  Over the last two or three years, on race day, I have dressed myself in the Packers color scheme of some sort for a couple reasons.  First being, that I am a huge fan.  Second, it makes it easy for my family and friends to spot me at a … [Read more...]

Rabbits Wanted!

We are looking for some "Wild Hares" to write a guest star blog. We have had several great strories and now we want to hear from you. Tell us about your training, your come back, your favorite race or the newest piece of gear you puchased. Everyone loves an interesting story, so start writing... A page or so is all we ask. Write it up in an email or Word document and attach a few picturers … [Read more...]

My First Triathlon

By Ashleigh Handzus I signed up for the Pioneer Sprint Triathlon in Petersburg, IL on April 18th. It consisted of a 300 yd pool swim, 13 mi bike, and a 3.2 mi run. This seemed manageable to me. I was going into this triathlon figuring on something going wrong, just because I was a newbie. Most people have "day before a race" traditions, like eating a certain meal, getting a certain amount of … [Read more...]

My First 5k of 2009

By Adam Hawkins Due to my work schedule, Sunday races are normally the only races I can run. I found out about the St. Patrick's Day run via the Lake Run Club's website, and decided to bite the bullet and send in an application several weeks before the race. I had trained all winter, bundling up in the cold, and hitting my junky treadmill when the wind chills were dangerously low. I even … [Read more...]

Castlewood Cup does John Lawyer

By John Lawyer The race was the Castlewood Cup 10 mile trail run on Feb. 28th. I was coming off of straining my knee a couple of weeks before so I didn't have high expectations for this; I just wanted to enjoy a good trail run. This was only my second trail run/race, the first ended in a knee injury so it scared me to do another. I went down on Friday to meet up with my good friend Ben. … [Read more...]