End of the “off” season = start of the “on” season?

Last Year's season, for me, ended slowly and painfully.  Normally, one big race signifies the climax to a long, often grueling, year of training and racing.  For me, it started early last Winter with some brutally cold riding with Dan followed by some base running miles and then speedwork with the lunch crowd.  It quickly went from ice and snow to melted tar.  The races started and kept on going.  … [Read more...]

Allerton Park Trail Race

My goals for the 2010 Allerton Park Trail Race were #1: not finish behind anyone in costume and #2 beat my time from 2007.  While I achieved goal #2, I'm not sure about goal #1. This race was not an A race but one I had focused on since my Ironman.  While I had good intentions my training did not match my desire.  However, I did put in more effort than usual for the this time of year for this … [Read more...]

My 10-10-10 Marathon

4 weeks post Ironman, the family and I headed to Chicago for a nice relaxing weekend in windy city.  Well, maybe not a relaxing weekend.  The Chicago Marathon is one of the largest Marathons.  Close to 50,000 people running, and who knows how may spectators? This marathon was somewhat stress free.  I didn't have a whole lot of time and miles wrapped up in it, and didn't really have any … [Read more...]

Encore… (part two)

I know I said last week that these Tuesday track workouts were quickly coming to an end, but one of our own is in the final weeks of his race finale.  We are heading back to the track to give him companionship (and of course to make him hurt).  That's what we do... push each other until it hurts and then we push some more.  That's why we've all had great races this year.  It's actually been great … [Read more...]

Sand Creek Trail Race

The euphoria of the Ironman finish has turned into aimless wandering without focus.  I decided to try and get out of my funk by targeting some late season running races.  One of those is the Allerton Park Train Run on Halloween.  In my search of the Allerton Park Train Run I happened upon the first annual Sand Creek Trail Race in support of Special Operations Warrior Foundation.  The Foundation … [Read more...]

Ironmen of Wisconsin

My husband( who did IMWI) thought I should share my thoughts as an observer of the Ironman race.  So, I have to say first how inspiring all the athletes that competed in IMWI are, especially the ones I know!  Being an athlete, i was truly amazed at the whole Ironman event, it was awesome!  I went up to the race on Saturday, and met Steven and Travis at the hotel.  I was surprised to find them both … [Read more...]

2010 Ford Ironman Wisconsin

Dan and I made the last minute decision to drive up to Madison on Thursday instead of Friday.  This turned out to be a critically important decision.  Because we made it up to Madison early we were able to get through registration before the crowd and had time to ride portions of the course. The drive was uneventful.  Having someone to talk to made the time pass and relieved some stress.  … [Read more...]


I wanted to throw out a huge CONGRATS to all the rabbits that competed over the weekend.  Eric Bean had a great race in Kona and was the 6th American overall.  It was a cool race to watch online.  Kyle Monroe had another great Ironman 6 weeks after his first.  Sub-10 in Kona = awesomeness! The Chicago Marathon had many of us up to the windy city over the weekend.  Great performances by Wes, … [Read more...]

Good luck in Chicago

At first you would think, "Luck"  what the hell are you talking about?  I have been training for months, there's no luck involved, it is all about the training.  Well in all honesty training will only get you so far.  In multisport there are just too many variables that could ruin a race.  This is where luck comes in... I could eat the same pop tarts every morning for a year, but come race day, … [Read more...]


I know it has been a little while since I've posted.  A lot has happened since my last post:  Egan actually raced for the first time in nearly a decade.  Nick actually made it out on a lunch run (on one of the worst possible days).  Bean took 3rd overall at Ironman Wisconsin.  I'll update everyone about my Ironman in a later post. The lunch group is putting it's finishing touches on their … [Read more...]