I can't remember running in the rain so much on Tuesday's workout.  It's certainly a welcome relief from the heat of the Summer, but seriously.  During the warmup, the black line of clouds were coming from the NE just as the radar had shown.  The lightning was just beyond the line and flashing and rumbling often.  I was thinking to myself that I was glad I had driven so that I could take … [Read more...]

burnin’ rubber

Track saw a new chapter last week with the presence of Bryan Glass and a pro triathlete named Eric Bean.  Both of them raised the level of running on the track by a factor of two.  It was both impressive to be running the same workout as them and also depressing at the same time. The group was one of the biggest we've ever had at around 18 guys.  It was great to see so many runners show up and … [Read more...]

When it rains, it PRs.

Last week's workout was once again met with thunderstorms.  The rain came in about an hour before we met and I'm sure it kept most everyone (and you know who you are) away.  Six die-hards showed up for what was to be a great workout.  It turned out to be nearly ideal as far as weather and conditions were concerned.  The temps were relatively cool and there wasn't much wind.  If it wasn't for the … [Read more...]

“hail… NO!”

Well, the last couple of weeks have been quite eventful (but not from the running-side of things).  Two weeks ago Lawyer met at my house and we were just heading out when the rains came.  We waited a few minutes to start our warmup run to the track.  The rain got heavier.  Eventually we decided to drive there and wait it out with everyone at the track.  We made it to the end of my street and we … [Read more...]

Track workout today

Hey boys, can't join you, but head to the Springfield High track at noon for a 1600, 1200, 800, 400.... … [Read more...]

“:20!” times 10

Last week was one of our staple workouts of the track season.  We had only done 10 quarters on the 2:00 one time before (last Summer) so most of us had forgotten how much it hurts during the last two or three .  We would no sooner cross the finish line, check our watches, rest our hands on our knees while gasping for breath, when someone would shout "Twenty Seconds!".  On paper it seems that we … [Read more...]

3 Mile Birthday Cake

Last week's workout happened to fall on my birthday.  Normally, for my birthday, I would have chosen to run a quarter and go home (or out to actually eat lunch).  However, the guy that suggested 3 repeat miles didn't know it was my birthday.  For some reason miles on the track seem like an eternity to me.  I'm not sure why, but it always takes several workouts with miles to get to a point where … [Read more...]

Octo Pie for Lunch

[download id="octopus"]The consensus in the group was to head back to our Winter stomping grounds and give the octopus in OakRidge Cemetery another run for its money.  We had another great turnout of 12 guys and weather was pretty ideal.  It hurt as much as ever, but I did feel like we were running faster than we usually do in our "off" season.  I was surprised to learn that this was Purcell's … [Read more...]

The “half” way

The workout was nothing new and unfortunately most everyone knew what to expect.  We had done the 6x800s on the 4:00 sometime last June and it hurt back then as well.  Pacing and consistency is definitely the key to making it through the entire set.  By the way, if anyone thinks that these workouts don't help, ask Billingsley.  He hit every one well under 3:00.  Everyone looked impressive. Egan … [Read more...]


The workout was suggested by one of the regulars (you know who you are).  Actually, I also know that he doesn't read this blog (hence all of the trash-talk about aerobics).  The plan was to do 400, 800, 1600, 800, 400 with half the distance as recovery.  It sounded simple on paper, but after the first triathlon of the year everything was sore.  Keith and I discussed some target times we would try … [Read more...]