Peds Only

This weeks training schedule calls for an 8 mile run, and a 14 miler, along with a short brick later in the week.  With all the rain last night, we got up early to do the 8 miler.  We did a lap through Washington, where Steven commented on the new lane markings.  We made our way down Lawrence to Walgreens, and then turned around and back through the park.  Along the way through the park we were … [Read more...]

Workout of the Month

I took Sunday off after the railsplitter.  Man, that race wore me out.  So today, after sleeping in, I did a long swim work out at fitclub south.  I  took the work out from Triswim coach workout of the month.  I tailored it to my own preference, I did all free style, except for some of the kicking, and I did some pulling,  but here is the work out:  Cruise= an interval you can make 100's on … [Read more...]

The Railsplitter Challenge

I decided Thursday that I would do the Railsplitter triathlon in Petersburg Illinois.  I had to do a long brick for training anyway.  I checked in and got my transition area set.  I did a quick warm up in the water.  The men took off three minutes ahead of the women.  The swim was out a half mile and back.  A nice straight course, and the water was pretty clear.  We took off, and I was feeling … [Read more...]

Swiming and Shopping

I hustled out the door at 0550 to make it to 0600 masters swim, thankfully I live close.  After a warm up, Erin had brought the work out for the morning.  3x200's 3x100's and 9x50's twice through.  I led the first round through in my lane.  I usually like to follow someone.  I feel too much pressure when I lead.   After round one, my left shoulder was starting  to hurt, I did a 100 cool down and … [Read more...]

Need a Boost

I couldn't make the masters swim this morning, so I brought the kids with me to Fit club south, and did my own work out.   I It's been a while since I swam in this pool.  I couldn't believe how much faster I was  compared to swimming at Nelson.  Next time I need a boost I'll swim here again.  Warm up: 500 free  8x50's on the … [Read more...]


I had the day off, and I need to go get my new Specialized seat that had come in at Wheel Fast.  Steven took his lunch and went with me, any chance to bug Jake.  After he got my new seat on, I jumped on the trainer to see how it felt.  Just a few more slight adjustments and I think we had it.  I got another surprise then, "  Here,you might ride better with these"  said Steven.  A new purple and … [Read more...]

End to the Long Weekend

Will this training weekend ever end?  I went to masters swim this morning.  After a warm up, Oz was calling the practice.  We did 8x50 on the min. to start.  Then Oz said let's do 10x300's.  Nicole and I laughed "he's joking right?"  No, he was serious.  For the first three we did slow,slow, fast per hundred, slow, fast, fast, then all fast.  Okay not too bad.  The next three were by 100, on the … [Read more...]


The training schedule called for a 15 mile bike and a 2 mile run brick times 3.   It sounds easy enough, right? The only problem was that  I finally sold my house and they were coming to do the home inspection at 0900, so we had to find another transition area. We  started at 0630 and did 45min on the trainer first, and then a 2 mile run down town and back home. The first leg was easy.  Now we had … [Read more...]

Dance Off

I woke up early this morning  and I thought about going to swim but instead I did "hip hop booty bounce" on Exercise TV.  I am a horrible dance and have no rhythm, but it was a fun workout none the less.  After work I went home and get every thing ready for our 50 mile bike ride. I had an hour before Steven got home so I got the water bottles filled and went out to air up the tires.  I started to … [Read more...]

1000 Miles an Hour

It's Wednesday night and I headed to the track.  Katie had 1000 repeats planned for the night.  We were going to try and get 6 done.  I kept having shoe lace problems, Joe and Bob offered to show me there amazing running and tying trick.  The first three I ran at around a 4:20, and then I ran 2 with Katie at a faster pace, a 4:10.  I think we are running faster than a 10k pace, I said to Katie.  … [Read more...]