Train like a pro

Well it's Tuesday so that means a long day at work and off to the pool.   I was reading my June issue of Triathlete magazine during lunch, they have a colum called "My favorite work out."  Austrailian Craig Walton shared a favorite swim session.  I decided to try this work out today. I cut mine down a bit.  He warms up 800-1200 then does 16x50 on the 45, 12 on the 50, 8 on the 55, and 4 on the … [Read more...]

Bad Mood

Maybe it was missing two days of training due to total debauchery in St. Louis at Courtneys bachellorette party, but I woke up in a really bad mood.  I could have stayed in bed, but I some how forced my running shoes on my bilstered feet.(5 inch heels are rough when wearing them all night.)  The first two miles I pondered what was wrong, and what needed done.  The good endorphins must have started … [Read more...]

Long swim

Friday morning I did a straight mile 1/4 swim before work.  Nothing fancy just a long swim.   I can swim a mile no problem in the pool, but an open water swim makes me nervous.  If I am going to do the Railsplitter in August, I better get some open water practice in.  After work I did a weight lifting class at Fit club.  Satuday night is my best friend Courtney's bachellorette party in St.Louis.  … [Read more...]

Back on the trainer.

I brought my bike in last night and put it back on the trainer.  I got up early and rode for about an hour. I can't always make it out on my bike during the week due to the kiddo's.  My legs felt great. I tried to do half a high cadence, and half at a tougher gear.  I just cranked the tunes on my ipod.   After work I made it out for my "long" run. I did 6 miles down Washington.  Now I know 6 is … [Read more...]

Ice My Knee

I woke up early this morning and did 3.5 miles on the treadmill just to get a good start to the day.  I had planned to do sprint work after work.  I got to the park and start with a 1 mile warm up.  My knee was really hurting, so for once I listened to my body and quit after 2 miles.  I headed to pick up the kids and went to fit club.  I ended up doing a sprint workout in the pool. 4x 200 warm up. … [Read more...]