The mile

Well I didn't set a pr for my mile time, but 6:29.75 isn't bad.  Kelly and I got to the race around 0910.  We warmed up around 0930.  Way too soon. By the time my heat came around my legs were cold.  I felt I could have done much better, but it gives me a goal for the sizzling mile.  It was pretty cool to say that I ran in a heat with Ann Gaffigan.  After the race I didn't enjoy any pizza, and I … [Read more...]

Work it out

Wednesday, off early from work! Yeah! I went to Washington park, did a mile for warm up. Then I  did 5x1mile @ 10k pace. I averaged 7:50 mile's. Not bad! Then a cool down.  I rode for a little while on my trainer later that night.  Nothing  serious.  Today, stayed late at work. Boo.  I had planned on going for a ride, but decided to get my sprint swim work out in.  I did the same work out that … [Read more...]

Flip turns

I was very pleasesd with my long swim today. It took me less than 45min to swim 1.5 miles. I really need a lap timer, but I know I'm getting faster. I felt very strong in the pool today.  To mix up a long boring swim. I swim the first 10 laps as a warm up.  Then  the next 10 I would breath on the right on uneven laps.  The next 20 I would sprint every fourth lap.  The last ten I tried to focus on … [Read more...]

Get out

I managed to get out and run 8 miles today.  Even though 2 days off isn't much, why is it so hard to get out the door the next time.  I think part of it is a fear of how I'm going to feel.  I felt great on the run. It was one of those runs when you get home and think.. I just ran 8 miles that went by fast, felt like 4.  The wind was in my face on the way back, but I think it helped keep the gnats … [Read more...]

Back to reality

This week end just about killed me.  My very best friend Courtney got married this weekend and I was the maid of honor.  I was able to sneak in a quick 3.5 mile run in on Friday afternoon, before the rehersal dinner.    The wedding was Saturday, and needless to say there was no time for a workout.  I also had out of town company to take care of, so Sunday was spent recovering from the wedding and … [Read more...]

Reverse Brick?

I guess I did a reverse brick for tonights workout.  I went to Washington park, when I started my run I realized my Garmin was dead, forgot to charge it.  So with out modern technology I  did my tempo run a different way.  I broke the park up into sections and ran a fartlek every other section.  I don't know how fast, but I was breathing hard when I finished  5 miles.  After the run I went to fit … [Read more...]

Make up Monday.

Happy Mothers day to all the Hardy Breed moms out there.  I took Sunday off, so today is make up Monday.  I did a brick work out this morning. I headed out W. Washington on my bike. I forgot how much  fun the hills are across Bradfordton road.  It was a great ride, a little chilly. I was glad I wore my tights.  I did about 25 miles.  I got home and changed into shorts. I wanted to run through the … [Read more...]

Fat @ss

I had a blast running the fat @ss 5k. Overall it was a great race, and it was for charity.  I was happy with my time, and I placed third overall.  I was not expecting awards, but I think this pig trophy is my favorite so far!  Thanks for their support of Hardy Breed. It was pretty cool to be recognized.  I think it is every hardy breed rabbits job to try and motivate others. I'm proud of my mother … [Read more...]

Had to do it

I planned on doing my long run this morning before work.  I knew I would have no other time to get it done.  I was a little slow getting out of bed.  I rolled out around 6.  I got my 7 miles in and rushed off to work. I was just in time!  I was a bit lazy at work but at least I got my run in.  Did a set of intermediate intervals in the pool after work. I felt great gliding through the water with … [Read more...]


So wednesday I hit it pretty hard. 3 miles on the treadmill before work, an hour of weights, then a long swim.  I had planned to go to the track, but it was raining so I did some speed work on the treadmill.  Not as much fun, but it gets the job done.  I took Thursday off  and fullfilled my maid of honor duties.  I spent the evening cropping, punching holes, and tying ribbon on Courtney's wedding … [Read more...]